12 Secrets Abilities the Interviewer wants to know if you Possess as a Job seeker

Now you have been invited for your dream job’s interview but you are totally lost on how it will or may progress. You may be wondering now, what does the interviewer really want to know.

While there are a lot the interviewer may want to know about you in a typical interview setting, I will be expatiating on the 12 most important ones. You see, knowing them and how to answer questions that arise from them is highly important.

This will make you better prepared, place you ahead of your colleagues and interviewer and it will put you in control of the interview as no question will be too confusing for you.

12 Secrets Abilities the Interviewer wants to know if you Possess as a Job seeker

The interviewer wants to know you better and the following are the themes he would ask questions from, give him the appropriate answers.


You need to ask yourself “why am I interested in this field or inn this industry” do I have any passion for the business, if so why? You need to specify things that will interest you.

These could be anything from enjoying the challenge of meeting increasingly higher sales goals to a sense of satisfaction derived from developing a product from creation to its final stage.

Offer personal experience and accomplishment where possible.


Interviewers will definitely want to know why you want to work for their company. Ask yourself “why do I want this job” do not simply repeat your resume or employment history.

What is the most compelling scenario you can use to prove your interest? Have you used the company’s product or services before, have you ever had a conversation with its customers and competitors.


Consider your key skills and how you will use them for the job. Avoid unnecessary answers and generality, instead be specific and offer evidence.

Think about your weaknesses and how you can maximize and balance them with your strength. Try to describe yourself as objectively as possible.

Avoid sounding defensive and evasive.

12 Secrets Abilities the interviewer wants to know about from job seekers

12 Secrets Abilities the interviewer wants to know about from job seekers


Describe your professional character including thoroughness, diligence and accountability. Give proof that you persevere to see important projects through, and that you aim to achieve desired results.

Demonstrate how you gather resource, how you predict obstacles and also how you manage crisis and difficult situations.


The interviewer will definitely be interested in your creativity and leadership skills and you definitely need to impress him.

Offer proof of your effectiveness including creativity, initiative, resourcefulness and leadership abilities.

What examples can you provide for each? Focus on how you can overcome problems, how you can take advantages of opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked and how you can cajole and get the support of others to accomplish a goal.


Discuss your qualification for the job with the interviewer. How well do you meet the basic requirements for the position? Your answer should describe both the positive and negative aspects of recent jobs without dwelling so much on the negatives.

Conclude by focusing on what you are seeking in your next job. Keep in mind that your response should match closely with the position you are applying for.

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Consider your personality on the job, how do you fit in with other personalities? What type of people will enjoy with you for a duration of time?

How would the company’s customer or clients react to you? Your goal is to develop a response that will make the interviewer feel confident about your personality on the job.


Talk about your management style and interpersonal skills that you will use with your team, peer groups and leaders.

Focus on how you work rather on what type of work you can do very well. What kind of boss, colleague or employee will you be?

Give personal or popular examples of leaders you believe are effective. Why are this people able to accomplish so much?


Offer proof with examples of your problem solving abilities. How have you resolved difficult issues in the past? Are you practical in applying technical skills? Are you a realist? Do you focus on real issues?


Think about your initiative and accomplishment. Offer examples in which you delivered more than expected.

Do not give long descriptions of situations instead focus your answer on actions you took and positive result obtained.

If you were hired, what situations would you handle especially well? What can you contribute to the organization?

12 Secrets Abilities the interviewer wants to know about from job seekers

12 Secrets Abilities the interviewer wants to know about from job seekers


Tailor your aspirations to the realities of this particular job and career path. Avoid listing job titles or offering unrealistic performance deadlines. Always try to reiterate the skills and strength you want to develop further.

Do you want cross-functional experience, a larger budget or more supervisory responsibility? You have to tell the interviewer why you would be effective with that additional experience.


Do you have a balanced lifestyle? Is your personality reflected in the type of job you choose as well as in the external activities you participate in or pursue?

Are your personal and career interest compatible? The interviewer will be interested also in your small involvement. How commendably will you reflect the company’s image?


The interviewer is the ultimate when it comes to your job seeking adventure and you must accord him that immeasurable respect.

You have to woo him and entice him with all the necessary information you can divulge. He can see through you, that is why you need to be real.

You have the secrets now, don’t let the next interviewer pull the rug from under your feet.

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