7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it

Some weeks ago, we heard about the medical doctor who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge into a lagoon. It was clear that he was highly depressed.
People were so confused why a hitherto well to do individual will go out like that and what could be so bad about depression that will warrant such act.
That is not an isolated incident as there are more we are yet to hear about.
Depression has been fingered as the major and culpable factor in all the respective scenarios, but it is really disheartening that people around them could do little or nothing for them.
Let’s blame it on ignorance, as we all know that depression is not a disease talk more of it been communicable but yet no one is free from its visitation, and with the situation of the world and our country, depression cannot be fully ruled out, it is here to stay.

7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it

7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it

I have been there and I still get bouts but experience has taught me how well to navigate out of the depression abyss.
It is highly possible you are depressed and you do not even know it and when it get extremely out of hand, you may lose your head and your mind and do the unthinkable.

7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it

I hereby present to you, 7 critical signs that you are depressed and you do not even know, but deep inside you know you are not feeling right, this post will also help you detect depression in others.
Ready, set GO!


Do you feel hopeless about tomorrow? Are you having guilt from the past that you cannot change? Do you feel your self-esteem cannot measure up to your colleagues, if YES, THOSE ARE RED FLAGS!
If you can’t be proud of yourself and where you are now? If you cannot resolve your past and find peace whilst looking to a brighter tomorrow, then you my friend are toying with the tiger’s tail, you are either depressed already or will soon be!


This is tricky, people get fatigue as a result of medical ailment or overworking, here I am talking of fatigue that just comes on without no direct cause or physical influence.
You may suddenly experience loss of strength and energy mostly from excessive mental work tied to overthinking about what you could have become or where you ought to be now.
As it progress, you gradually lose interest in other meaningful things and start getting bored easily, if it progress, you may just end up getting bored of life. Or are you bored of life already?
You my friend are depressed.
7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it


This is a straight up sign that something is definitely wrong. This is a great pointer to imminent depression except you are a nocturnal being.
You can only sleep if you have evaluated your life and can figure the underlying issue and nip it at the bud, if you don’t it will go chronic and aggressive and destroy your entire being.


An irritable person Is disposed to exhibit uncontrollable anger. They get angered easily, all they crave for is understanding but no one really can figure them out well.
They get angered easily because of unresolved feelings and underlying issues that has remain unsolved , most times they really don’t know what is wrong.
Spouses should take note, when a partner is irritable, there is a problem that needs immediate attention.
Do not aggravate it by pulling away or entering into an argument and shouting match, you may end up with a suicide note as a parting gift.
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People get anxious all the time, from starting a new job to meeting with the president.
Anxiety in agreement with depression is when everything gets you anxious, even waking up to a new day.
You may notice a vague and unexplained feeling of being lost and of utter fear that defies reason and redemption seem farfetched, there my friend is a major sign that you are depressed.


Some people are naturally stubborn and adventurous but for any reckless behavior, there is a trigger, they may be trying to suppress it of escape from it, one of the triggers is DEPRESSION.
Excessive drinking and smoking Is a sign of something gone wrong, especially from someone that hardly engages in such vices.
Other vices are just an end to the means to depression
Watch out before you fall out.


This is a major red flag. If you at any time whatsoever notice that all you think about is the grave or you feel committing suicide will bring some sort of comfort or solace.

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If you feel like to escape reality, then you need urgent help.
Having such thoughts is not healthy at all, you are dying before your death already and when all the other signs come together and climax, suicide may suddenly seem so pleasant.
If you are at this stage of depression, you are a nutcase already but not beyond redemption.
7 Critical Signs you are depressed and you do not even know it


Depression is dangerous enough and if you notice this signs in yourself or in a friend or family, you should raise alarm and help should be sought after earnestly.
Life is sweet but depression takes the joy and the fulfillment out of it.


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