7 Unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you

The first thing to note about an interview is that, it is all about questions that will be thrown at you by the interviewer. The idea is to see you falter and give illegible or legible answers depending on your understanding of the subject, job or firm, this will be a major tool in screening you out potentially.
To be concise, when going for an interview, you should be expecting lots of questions but you are expected to be able to provide answers appropriately. You can also ask you own questions but it is mostly one-sided i.e. from the interviewer to you the job seeker in most instance.

7 unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you

7 unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you

Unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you

This list is endless but let’s begin with this few, we will expand from here, get set …


This are mostly open ended questions and they are mostly for introduction and familiarization purposes. They are basically used to break the ice and set the interview in motion mostly from a friendly angle to make you a little relaxed.
The questions are mostly unrelated to the job and they start generally with this phrase
“Tell us a little about …”
Most interviewer are not interested in your family background, they only want you relaxed, but still, be careful how much you reveal as it may be your undoing.


These are critical questions and are short circuited. They are used by the interviewer when he wants specific, it can factual or technical and are mostly needing just a “YES/NO” answer.
Always try to elaborate as sufficiently as you can so as to avoid misunderstanding in facts that you give out. You can try to buttress your answers or points if possible with story or incidents but make sure you keep them very short.


This are questions that will test your ability to assess situations and think immediately on the spot.
They may start with “what would you do if …”
You have to develop an ability for critical reasoning and try to be fast and creative on the spot. They interviewer may be trying to see how well you will fare in impromptu situations.


Just as the name implies, the questions may sound easy but they are traps to lead you on to an unexpected answer, they mostly arise from your previous answers so you should be careful on your response anytime to the interviewer.
You will require a good communication skill and an ability to express yourself in a very good and diplomatic style.
Since it is a question that arise from other question, it is important you answer correctly and not with just “YES/NO”. Also try to create a proper distinctions between your answers for clarity.


This is really a close call. It comes like a double punch and the questions are sometimes complex and confusing but you should not be scared. Answer them as you can but with confidence and stop where your knowledge fails you.
They include two or more questions linked together to the same topic or about the same thing.
Do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the questions because no one really expects you to store all that in your head. This is why most job seekers fail, they become afraid to ask for a repeat and they start to babble and give answers that are off topic.
If you forget the questions, also ask for a repeat, it happens all the time.

7 unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you

7 unexpected Types of questions the interviewer may ask you


This questions are based on your composure and behavioral ere they might be interested in your past and how you overcame some challenges that were attest to your character.
You should be able to give example of how your experiences have allowed you to develop specific goals and skills and how they will be of immense benefits to others.
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Questions been asked in an interview can be random most times, but what can be random than an unexpected question? They can only be prepared for and predicted a little but generally you can do virtually nothing but hope.
There are endless variations and there is no way to have foresight into the next possible question in advance. The fact that you should expect the unexpected question should get you prepared most of the time.
Do not freak out when an unexpected question is thrown at you in an interview, you can also turn them to your advantage, and they can become opportunities to shine brightly.
Try to memorize a list of your features, your selling point. Just use every opportunity for expression, an unexpected question can be an unexpected chance to sell yourself greatly, use the chance well!

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