After NYSC what is next? – Dilemma of a Nigerian youth

Life has really been dramatic and fast paced. This may be why the NYSC service year seem to have gone on overdrive.
Time really flies but that of NYSC was flying like a rocket, I would say, the service year was in a jiffy.
The joy of camping and POP must was really euphoric but now it has faded and the service certificate which was a cherish-able display object has now just become just another credential.

After NYSC what is next? –  Dilemma of a Nigerian youth

After NYSC what next? This question popped up my mind as I departed my Place of Primary assignment PPA, the sudden realization that the so called meager 19,800naira monthly allowance now seem appealing.
Truth I is will not receive that monthly again and that scares the shit out of me. More like missing out on extra money and tasting from the government money.

After NYSC what is next

After NYSC what is next

Social media has been awash with individuals displaying their certificates while adorning their NYSC ceremonial uniform for the last time, the smile on their faces betraying the harsh reality that awaits them, well not all of them though.
The thought that the country they so serve diligently will fail them beyond their expectation, most are the children of the so called “children of nobody” with no connection whatsoever.
I wonder how else will they proceed, this is a country that tells them to go out but will not accept them again with open hands.
Many are actually happy that they are passing out, and I wonder how they could put so much trust in a country where almost all system is failed, the functional ones are on a “man-know-man” basis.
Looking for job alone will drain you totally till you can’t even breath proper and it seems like you are passing out.
I was called the leader of tomorrow but obviously tomorrow will never come, my country’s president was my grandfather military head of state, and I am force to ask if we are progressing or running in circles.
Now I am a youth, but I had always served my country and I am wondering when my country will serve me.
A friend gave me a satirical meaning of NYSC, Now Your Suffering Continues, is it not ironical that even now I am still suffering, it is like my country will never let go of me and I am still in service.
I love my country Nigeria, but I wonder how she feels about me.
To you my friend, After NYSC WHAT IS NEXT?

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