Are you still Waiting for a Job? Why not try these instead to Progress!

“I am still trying and waiting for a job” this has become the anthem on the mouth of almost every Nigerian graduate today.
There is this fear of stark reality that envelops mostly when one is done with NYSC or a graduate degree program.
This truth is not far-fetched, the country is not graduate friendly and with the economy on reverse, there are limited jobs for the ever increasing and teeming population of graduates.
The NYSC as a graduate scheme has failed the Nigerian youth, there are no program on ground to absorb the recently passing out corps members, the country seem to be in a circle of failure and setback.
This post today is telling you to stop waiting and even searching for non-existent job and take the bull by the horn to secure your future and that of your family and unborn children.

Are you still Waiting for a Job? Why not try these instead to Progress!

Are you still Waiting for a Job? Why not try these instead to Progress!

Are you still Waiting for a job? Why not try these instead

There are so much you can do while still waiting for that job, but in this post, we will be talking about those that will make you earn some money and get better in general.
Lets go …


This would have been a great idea when you were younger or just out of secondary school, but now you have come of age and also a graduate and there are types of trade you can be seen doing.
Newsflash, no one cares about your degree or your age, only your skill-set or trade can set you apart if you are really ready to learn, engage and earn.
Most companies you have your eyes on are full to their capacity but still there will always be opening to those with special skill-set and if you know a trade, all good and great for you.
SKILL TO LEARN: Web design, graphics design, Computer appreciation etc.
TRADES TO LEARN: Clothing business, importation business etc.
You have to find a skill you love and learn more about it or you join up with someone and learn a trade that is already trending, it should not take you more than 6months


Why wait for a job when you can start a business? This is mostly the aftermath of learning a trade or you having a special flair for some entrepreneurial challenge.
You can also bank on your experience, knowledge or advise of others to set yourself into motion and start a business.
There are a lot of business that intending entrepreneur can begin but you must first factor in the market availability, size, demand and supply and also the cash at hand to begin with.
You should start small to see the viability of the business and scale up from there.
Example of small scale business you can begin include:

  • Catering and snack making.
  • Soap making.
  • Beverage and fruit juice production.
  • Cream production.
  • Nigerian kitchen and restaurant.

This is a good way to get yourself engaged and begin your sojourn into the entrepreneurial world.
Still waiting for a job? try this now to progress!


I know a lot of people who on the back of not getting get a befitting job as they put it, are already back to school to get some more qualifications.
This is a great idea if you really have the wherewithal, funds or ready sponsor.
You can even go for another undergraduate degree in another course that fascinates you or a master’s degree program in your field or one that is related.
You can even go for a professional course or degree that will boost your CV and make you even marketable.
While this is not a real way out from joblessness, it affords you enough time to refocus and re-purpose.


The idea of going for internship or volunteering is lost on most people but it is real advantageous to get experience at the expense of the firm while you get paid little or nothing.
Most companies will gladly take you on board for nothing inasmuch as you will put in same effort as already employed staff.
It is a Win-win situation, the company gets a worker and in the long run, you also get experience.
This experience can come handy as most recruiting companies or firms require that you already have some years of experience and with this you chances of securing a job skyrockets.
This particular idea of working for free, volunteering or as an intern is really for those who are selfless, so check yourself.


Anything in this life can be fruitfully monetized, it just depends on how creative you are to exploit the loopholes in life.
You need to brainstorm and look from where others cannot, you need to think beyond boundaries and extend yourself.
You never can tell, you may end up bringing your dreams to life.


This is the gold mine of this millennium, sometimes, it becomes funny how people search for jobs when there is much prospects in farming and agriculture.
Farming is cool because you can start with a considerable amount as capital and still bountifully well.
You can start at any location with just a handful of livestock and with time and diligence, you will excel beyond your own expectations.

  • Farming business you can start now include:
  • Fish farming
  • Livestock production (poultry, pig, goat, cow, rabbit etc.)
  • Sack farming
  • Crop production.

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While it is okay to look for a white collar job, if they are not forthcoming, don’t you think it is time you try other alternatives.

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