Asking the interviewer a question During an Interview to get a Job

This is a critical aspect of the interview. The questions are almost over, you are feeling relaxed and great already, and then the interviewer asks

“Do you have any question for me?”

You need to see this as a chance to express yourself. It is an open challenge to pitch yourself to a potential employer, you need to take the lead and see the benefit in this initiative.
The truth is, candidates who do not have questions show a lack of initiative and give the impression that they have a minimal interest in the position or job they seek.

When the interviewer asks if you have a question

When the interviewer asks if you have a question

Asking questions means that you are curious enough to have done research about the company and there are aspects you are not clear about so you want to know more. If an interviewer has the belief that you had done prior research, it will improve the level of interest he has in you and help to boost your chances of clinching the job.
You need to stand out from the crowd and other lazy job seekers by asking a deep and intuitive question, it may even serve as a form and source of odd revenge for you after all the hurdles the interviewer put you through during the interview process.


  • Have questions ready in advance even before the interview begins, though while not all the interviewer may want a question from you, it pays to be ready before hand.


  • Relate your questions to the interviewer to the company’s objective or its accomplishment and challenges. You can even ask about its competitors and this will thrill the interviewer the more because it shows that you carried out an in-depth research on the firm.


  • Do not ask vague or bland questions that will show you really know nothing about the company or the position you are applying for


  • Do not ask questions relating to you, such as “when will I get a salary raise” this will make you look to ambitious and too forward or “how often will I be subjected to a performance review” this will make you look lazy and evasive.


  • Do not bring up money issues, you can do all that after you have been fully employed or offered a position in the company.

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You have to realize that most times, what you say is not as important as how you say it. Be confident, enthusiastic and remember to smile often.

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