Basics of creating a Winning CV/Resume for Fresh Graduate and experienced

Resume/CV are your first form of contact with a potential employer and it can also be your first and last impression if you are not too careful.
It should be compelling enough to make the recruiter want to shortlist you for an aptitude test or a direct interview.
The employer has less than one minute to decide your fate, and the only type of CV that can give you a competitive edge and make you stand out from other applicants is the WINNING CV/RESUME.

Basics of creating a Winning CV/Resume for Fresh Graduate and experienced

This is the CV that stands out from the crowd. There are thousands of applicants seeking few jobs and this has resulted in high competition, the more reason why you need to stand out.
A winning CV increases your chances in the job selection process because it is interesting to read, has all your strength and abilities clearly spelt out on paper and it is convincing to your potential employer to invite you for the next stage of job selection.
The need to excellently present your resume/CV cannot be over emphasized. All jobs do not require the same CV but must be tailored specifically to suit each recruiter.

The basic idea is to create a CV that generally suits your employer needs.

CV for fresh graduate should not be the same as those needed by those who have relevant working experience on the job.
When the right resume is used is used for the right job, the prospects of landing that job becomes very high.

Basics of creating a Winning CV/Resume for Fresh Graduate and experienced

Basics of creating a Winning CV/Resume for Fresh Graduate and experienced


The singular purpose of a winning CV/resume, is not just to land you an interview at first contact but also but also to help you all through the stages of the job process.
A great CV gives you 90% assurance for an invite to an interview and this is really a huge support you must capitalize on.
A job recruiter is like a man who has some needs and has decided to get to the market to find products and services that will service those needs.
Before he leaves home, there are some qualities he intends to look out for in a product that he will buying.
You are the product now, hence, you have to meet his requirement to be able to quench his need.


Creating a winning CV/Resume requires some great technicalities and know-how. We will be venturing into them below:


This is the ability to redesign and fine-tune your resume/CV to the taste and requirement of the employer. You need to be able to meet the recruiters need irrespective of the various job specifications outlined.
Creativity enables you to make different resume that will fit into different job, the appearance and content should be unique.
You should also be able to recreate or reformat your career objective to meet the new job requirement.


You must follow the right pattern and sequence that is inviting and directional, first things first, last things last.


Be sure of what the recruiter wants. Think and clearly tailor your skills, strength and experience to match and meet that need.


This is the ability for your CV to help the potential employer know that you are the best fit and match, to believe that you are the person to meet their need.
It depicts your abilities and capacities to fulfill the recruiters’ expectations.


This shows how efficient you can arrange your ideas on paper. You have to make your resume look organized and legible on paper.
You have to arrange your thought clearly without ambiguity.


A winning CV/Resume communicates in simple terms, the reasons why an employer should absorb you as a worker or staff.
This is only possible when you use the right words, active words and no grammatical mistakes.


  1. When you did not follow the submission instruction.
  2. When it is visually unclear and not legible to read.
  3. No uniformity of idea and organization of writing.
  4. When there are obvious grammatical errors and blunders.
  5. When printed on a rough paper or typed with a type writer.
  6. When unwanted information are added.
  7. When the resume/CV is incomplete.

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A winning CV/Resume is the best thing that can happen to you. You do not want the heartbreak that comes from sending CV and getting no response.


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