How to calculate CGPA in a Nigerian University : EASIEST way

If you are interested in how to calculate GPA in Nigerian Universities, then this is your last stop.
It is very important as a university student, that you know your CGPA as this will give you the necessary drive and motivation to excel well and know the areas of your academics that needs improvement.
In NUC standard, our higher institutions make use of Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPA) to measure Academic Excellence.

What does GPA means?

A grade point average (GPA) is a calculated average of the letter grades you earn in school following a 0 to 4.0 or 5.0 scale. Every semester, you’ll receive a GPA based on the grades you earned in all of your classes during that semester.
The Nigerian University CGPA is on the 5.0 scale but there are some universities still using the 4.0 scale.
It is vital that all university students, especially Fresher’s, study and learn how to calculate their GPA upon release of each semester’s result and to also make up the cumulative at the end of every session. Doing this will help you evaluate your academic performance from time to time and improve.

How to to calculate g.p in Nigerian University : CGPA Scale in Nigerian Universities

Performance in semester examinations and assessments for courses/subjects/modules are classified into letter Grades (from A, B, C, D, E, to F) which represent a range of score or marks a student can obtain. A particular grade point is assigned to these grades, see below.

Marks/Score Letter Grade Grade Point (GP)
70% and Above A 5.00
60 – 69 B 4.00
50 – 59 C 3.00
45 – 49 D 2.00
40 – 44 E 1.00
0 – 39 F 0.00

Calculating Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Every Course/subject/module carries a fixed number of Credit Units (CU). Quality points (QP) are derived from multiplying the Credit Units (CU) for a course by the Grade Point (GP) earned by the student in that course.
Eg. If in a 3 Credit Unit course, a student scores 63% which is a B with a Grade Point of 4, the Quality points for the student in that course is 3 x 4 = 12.
Grade Point Average (GPA) is derived by dividing the Total Quality point (TQP) for the semester by the Total Credit Unit (TCU) for that semester.
Eg. If in a semester, a student earned 56 quality points for 18 Credit Units, the students GPA is 56/18 = 3.11
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is derived by adding the Total Quality Points (TQP) for all semesters to date and dividing by the Total Credit Units (TCU) for all semesters to date.
Eg. If a student earns a QP of 56 for 18 CU in the first semester and earns QP of 67 for 20 CU in the second semester, His CGPA is TQP/TCU = (56 + 67) / (18 + 20) = 123/38 =3.24

The BEST and EASIEST way to calculate CGPA in a Nigerian University

The BEST and EASIEST way to calculate CGPA in a Nigerian University

Below is a detailed example of how to calculate GPA and CGPA in a UNIVERSITY

First Year, First Semester

Course Code Credit Unit (CU) Letter Grade Grade Point (GP) Quality Point (QP) = CU x GP
APC 100 3 B 4 12
PDP 101 2 C 3 6
APP 102 1 C 3 3
PPA 103 4 B 4 16
AIT 104 5 A 5 25
NTA 105 2 D 2 4
Total 17   66

QP = 66, CU = 17, TQP = 66, TCU = 17
GPA = QP/CU = 66/17 = 3.88
CGPA = TQP/TCU = 66/17 = 3.88

First Year, Second Semester

Course Code Credit Unit (CU) Letter Grade Grade Point (GP) Quality Point (QP) = CU x GP
APC 106 5 E 1 5
PDP 107 4 D 2 8
APP 108 5 B 4 20
AIT 109 3 F 0 0
NTA 110 3 A 5 15
Total 20   48

QP = 48, CU = 20, TQP = 66 + 48 = 114, TCU = 17 + 20 = 37
GPA = QP/CU = 48/20 = 2.40
CGPA = TQP/TCU = 114/37 = 3.08
NB: This Procedure is repeated for following years until your final year in school (graduation).
This post is specifically on how to calculate your CGPA in a Nigerian UNIVERSITY.

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