Featured 10 Amazing Facts About Mercedes You Should Know

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    Whether you use a Mercedes or not , you can’t help but give kudos to this awesome automobile company .What you should also know is there are some very interesting facts about Mercedes.

    1. Mercedes-Benz produced both a hybrid vehicle and an electric vehicle in 1906!

    2. Each Mercedes 500E was hand-built by Porsche and took a full 18 days to make.

    3. Anti-Lock Brakes were first used in Mercedes-Benz cars in 1978. They have been standard equipment on all Mercedes-Benz cars since model year 1989.

    4. In 1936, Mercedes-Benz made the first diesel-engined production passenger car – the 260D

    5. In 1886, Karl Benz was awarded a German patent for the invention of “the first automobile” known as the Motorwagen. Karl’s quest was actually financed by his wife, Bertha, but because she was a married woman, she was not allowed to apply for the patent.

    6. Every Mercedes-Benz model carries disc brakes at all four wheels as standard equipment. Front and rear brake systems on all cars are separately activated; if one system somehow failed, the second would take over to stop you.

    7. The steering system of your Mercedes-Benz carries its own- tiny built-in shock absorber, to cushion road shocks and damp them out before they can affect your hands on the steering wheel.

    8. Prior to painting, every Mercedes Benz body is drowned in a 52-ton primer bath. This rich anti-corrosion coating seeps into every nook and cranny.

    9. When the primer has been baked on, 25 pounds of permanent plasticized undercoating are sprayed on to the underside and wheel wells of every Mercedes-Benz. Another safeguard against rust.

    10. The seats in the Mercedes-Benz cars were designed and shaped in consultation .with leading orthopedic physicians. These contoured, firmly upholstered seats envelop you-supporting vital kidney, back and knee-joint areas.Is that not awesome !!

    I hope you enjoyed that guys ,is there anything you would like to add ?

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