Featured 10 Signs You Are The Sidechick (and You Don't Even Know It)

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    Many Nigerian ladies are sidechicks and they don’t even know it. Worse still some are side chicks but they think they are the main chick. Poor them. There’s nothing worse than a woman who goes around thinking that love is In the air but all her dirty boyfriend wants is her legs in the air.
    Ladies, do you keep wondering what role you have in your man’s life? Well, if it even reaches that point where you are not sure, then you are probably the other woman.
    There are many obvious signs that can show a woman that she is the side chick, but since women are women, they get so caught up in the emotions, good sex and sweet nothings that they end up being too blind to see the obvious signs.
    So here they are

    1. He only meets and communicates with you during the day
    Night time is girlfriend time for him, so his focus is on his main chick and not your valueless ass that can’t wash his clothes. If he’s never anywhere to be found at night, then he is attending to his queen whom he respects very much by the way. He’ll come back to you in the morning. Just sleep tight as he fucks her brains out. Your turn will come.

    2, He Dodges Every Photo Opportunity
    Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram posting pics of their food, kids, and showing off their baes. Snapchat also makes every day a motion picture production. So if you notice that your guy is dodging selfies like bullets whenever you tilt your phone to take a selfie, you may be a side chick. Or maybe he takes some with you but he never posts them anywhere on social media. They just remain in his gallery protected by a ten letter password.

    3. He ONLY hollas at you via texts and Whatsapp
    The only time you hear his voice is when you meet him. Two words: Red. Flag. Why wouldn’t your guy want to hear your beautiful voice? C'mon ladies. He’s simply trying to avoid getting caught by his main girl.

    4. He Whispers On The Phone With You The Way Those Undercover Agents Do In Movies
    So you have a man who normally talks loudly like he’s addressing a political rally when he’s with you but on the phone, he talks like a person with deep flu. He’s probably hiding in the bathroom while his main chick is watching TV, trying to catch up with you

    5. He Only calls You When He Wants to get laid
    Now, if this is cool with you, do your thing. But if you’re never even taken on dates and all your meet ups are behind closed doors while Unclad then you are his container for sperm deposits. You are also like his right hand that he uses to masturbate with. The only differences is that you have bosoms, an ass and you moan.

    6. You still know very little about him yet you’ve dated him for several months
    If you've been seeing each other for a while, yet he only thing you know is where he lives,….uummm, you know what you are. If you still haven’t met his friends, family or loved ones, it’s because you can’t. They know his main chick and he doesn’t wanna look like a spoilt brat to his mum. Maybe on some rare occasions, he might bring you to meet his friends and they won’t say a word because they're loyal to him. They’ll just be looking at you funny like you have farted or something.

    7. He hates surprise visits. He has even told you to call him first before you come
    Spontaneity is not allowed for side chicks. Call him out of the blue, say you’re in the area and would like to see him. If he freaks out or makes an excuse, that’s a red flag. He wants to date you on his own terms and when you step outside of that, it causes him to panic.
    8, He never talks about the future
    Your guy doesn’t ask about your life plans and shows no interest in getting to know you as a person. His focus is on the here and now and he doesn’t see the need in sharing his future plans because you likely won’t be around for long. You’re just the ourtain raiser and not the main performer.

    9. He cancels plans a lot
    He has his main chick to tend to, so when things come up you’re the one to get the shaft. You’re not a priority and your plans go on the back burner. If he keeps canceling your plans, last-minute that’s an open sign right there.

    10. He tells you he’s not into relationships
    Ladies, when a guy tells you that he’s not into relationships, he’s lying. He’s basically trying to politely let you know that he doesn’t see you as anything more than a side bang. He’s actually into relationships, just not with you. Walk away, you can do better than that girl.

    So ladies here you have it. Thank Me later

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