2016-2020 WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects SSCE, GCE 2016/2017

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    Current/Latest 2016/2017 WAEC WASSCE SSCE GCE Syllabus For All Subjects - Nigeria Ghana Gambia Sierra Leone


    This problem of massive failure of student in West African Examination Council (WAEC) has been a major concern for government and society.

    The cause of this massive failure in WAEC can be attributed to some student that lack strong reading spirit. Most of the student attempting WAEC depends on expo or runs.

    Most students believe that there is no need for them to spend time intensive reading and preparation.

    The Head of National Office, West African Examination Council (WAEC) says the cause of massive failure in WAEC can be attributed to some candidate's lack of knowledge of common pitfalls, coupled with inadequate coverage of syllabus and non-familiarity with test format.

    Today, I want to give out the download link to various WAEC syllabus by subject. WAEC syllabus serves as a guideline when you are getting set for you examination.

    It lets you know the areas you should concentrate on and each sub-topics in the general topic.

    Anyway, I don't want waste time to post them all. Click on each subject to download their Syllabus for 2016/2017 session.

    The above Syllabuses are the the most current ones released by WAEC for 2016/2017 Academic session. They are for Nigerian, Ghana, Sierra Leone candidates preparing for the 2016/2017 May/June and 2016/2017 Nov/Dec WASSCE exams.

    If there is/are any subject(s) not included here, drop it/them in the REPLY section. We will upload it/them here latest 48hrs
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