25 Facts About Nigerians That Are Not True

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    1. Not all step mother or step father is wicked all maltreat children

    2. Not all AkwaIbom or Calabar love dog meat

    3. Not every man that drive jeep have the jeep some are borrowed

    4. All igbos are not Catholic or Anglican

    5. Not all Muslim are terrorist

    6. All yorubas are not dirty in fact 90percent are not dirty

    7. All hausa are not violent or kill because of religion

    8. Not all pastor preach money in fact only 10percent preach money

    9. All Calabar are not witch

    10. All politician are not thief or corrupt

    11. Not All Enugu girls love money

    12. All calabar are not prostitute

    13. All hausa are not muslim

    14. Not all Northerners are shoe maker some have cows

    15. Not all people that live in America have money some do not even feed up to 2times a day

    16. Not all china product is fake in fact, china produce more quality goods than America and japan

    17. Not all fake material is made in Aba

    18. Not all ritualist use human for ritual some just sleep in a coffin or in a bush

    19. Not all Nigeria film lack meaning or lack quality

    20. All Lagos boys are not yahoo boys some are real hustlers

    21. Not all drug dealer are Igbos or Niger Delta

    22. Not all Nigerian are fraudsters or dupers

    23. All Ijaw are not Militant or even support them

    24. And not all Nigeria are fantastically corrupt

    25. Lastly not all collegereap males know the meaning of APC

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