5 Unmistakable Signs You Are A Phone Addict

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    Many people have substituted the love they have for people around them with their phones. These phones are so important to them and they could hardly spend a whole day without pressing them.

    Now we understand that it is a mobile that you need to have around you always so people can get in touch with you when they need to; but people do far more than that now on their phones and get stuck to it all day.

    The mobile phone is more important than some people’s boyfriends or girlfriends, girls would use theirs to check their reflection and adjust a falling out curl of hair, many people have substituted theirs for clock and would rather check the time on the phone than checking the watch on their wrists. The list is endless.

    When you have become so attached to an object up to the point where you cannot do without it, then you are possibly addicted to it. When people hear the word addict, their minds go to drugs. You can be addicted to a particular way of life and you can be addicted to the use of gadgets such as phones.

    Below are signs that say you are a phone addict:

    1. When it is the first thing you hold in the morning

    Normally, when you wake up, you are expected to pray and start your day by doing some house chores before you prepare for the office. You would know you are a phone addict when all you do is hold the phone and check messages as soon as you wake up.

    You would spend a considerable amount of time going through the phone like it is a new object of fascination. And when you go to bed at night, you would probably drift into dreamland with the phone in your hand.

    2. When that is all you do at work

    Some people are lucky with the kind of job they have; some jobs warrant you to sit in a position all day and attend to files. While at this, you will know you are a phone addict when you sneak out time to press your phone for as long as possible while working.

    3. When you go to the toilet with it

    Like seriously? The ‘pooh’ would not come out if some people do not press their phones when they are in the toilet. Phone addicts experience insecurity with their phones and would rather take them everywhere they go. When they are crawling into a hole, the phone would be with them.

    4. Your phone or your life?

    You are a phone addict when you would rather get beaten by rogues than to drop your phone. Many people risk their lives when they are being robbed because they do not want to let go of their phones. They can offer to release their heads in exchange for the phone; you can test them by hiding the phone to see their reactions.

    5. When you are depressed when your battery is dead

    You need to see some people when their phones do not have network or the battery is down, they will be on the verge of tears and would become depressed. The phone is their everything and you will be tempted to ask them if anyone just died with the countenance on their faces.
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