Featured 6 Easy Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free

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    We are all aware of the fact that insects are part of our life and they are all around us. Many people hate having spiders and other pests around their house, while others simply fear them. Well, fortunately, there are numerous natural methods that will help you get rid of spiders from your house and in this article, we will present you some of them.

    Use citrus

    All bugs hate citrus, so if you notice any particular space in your home where spiders tend to congregate, just rub the walls or window sills with citrus peels from limes, lemons or oranges.

    Use peppermint oil

    All you have to do is to add some peppermint oil into a spray bottle and whenever you see a spider web, just spray the area lightly with this solution. Besides keeping spiders away, it will also leave the area smelling great.

    Keep your home clean

    The best solution to keep spiders away is to keep your home clean. In order to achieve that, you need to dust on a regular basis so that you can get rid of cobwebs and spider webs. If you have a damp basement, you will probably have to install a dehumidifier and check your downspouts to ensure water is not getting into your basement.

    Use Cedar

    If you decide to use wood outdoors, such as for a patio or decking, make sure to use cedar since it is naturally insect and spider resistant. It is less prone to root and it will keep bugs away. Moreover, you can also use cedar to create a protective barricade around your house. Inside your house, use cedar for cupboards, dressers and hangers.

    Keep your yard clean

    In order to get rid of spiders and other insects, you should definitely keep your yard clean, so make sure to get rid of leaves, grass, piles of wood and clippings since these are common areas for spiders.

    Spray vinegar

    Just like peppermint oil, you can also use vinegar since it has the same purpose. Just add some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray on the areas where spiders usually congregate. Moreover, you should also spray into cracks and crevices or any other area where you think spiders and other bugs may be getting inside your home.

    How To Get Rid Of Other Pests

    It should be mentioned that spiders only appear when there is something for them to eat, like other insects. This means that you need to get rid of other insects as well in order to keep spiders away.

    As we already mentioned, you can use peppermint oil and vinegar to spray the areas with insects, but you can use other essential oils as well, like clove, orange and lemon. Moreover, bugs also stay away from pepper powder and garlic.

    When it comes to ants, all you have to do is to cut up slices of cucumber and place them where the ants usually get in your home. For a fly repellent, use crushed mint leaves.

    Always make sure to use natural remedies to get rid of bugs and stay away from all those commercial cleaners since they usually contain harmful chemicals.
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