Featured 6 Important Things a Student Needs to Do To Excel In The University

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    Majority of university undergraduates still think that Secondary school is the same as the university. In my secondary school days i could prepare for an exam that morning and still have a B. But the case is different in the university.
    Good study skills can make a big difference in your school performance. Even if you find a particular subject difficult to understand, you will find that being organised and knowing how to tap in to your natural strengths can add valuable points to your scores.
    Below are 6 things a student needs to do in order to excel in School.

    1. Have a Specific Study Space

    Students are different. Some need a completely quiet room free from interruptions when they study, but others actually study better listening to quiet music in the background or taking several breaks. Either way, you should establish a regular time and place for studying. Take the time to assess your real needs and establish a clear routine.

    2. Know Your Learning Style

    Do you learn better by seeing, hearing, or acting out the information you receive? In other words, are you a mostly visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? Actually, everybody learns by mixture of methods, but one method or type is usually dominant in each person. By determining your dominant learning style you can improve your memory and your grades.

    3. Always Eat Breakfast

    If you’re facing an important test, this might be a good time to change your eating habits. Studies have shown that eating a good breakfast can actually enhance your performance on a test. One study in particular shows that “Breakfast consumption has a short-term effect in improving selected learning skills, especially work memory.

    4. Avoid Procrastination

    Do you procrastinate? Most of us put things off from time to time, like studying for a test or starting on lengthy research papers. But giving in to diversions can really hurt us in the long run. Procrastination will only add more to your work,you have less time to do piled up work and you find out your best wont be brought out.

    5. Study For Every Test

    Believe it or not, some students never study before a test. Do you study effectively for every test? If you’re looking for a good way to study, try this tip: Next time you’re facing a big exam, try concentrating on essay topics. Essay questions are based on themes and overall ideas. Lecturers like to use essay questions because they give students the opportunity to express everything they’ve learned over the weeks or months, using their own words. Essay test answers reveal more than the bare facts, though. When submitting essay answers, students are expected to cover lots of information in an organized, sensible manner.

    6. Maintain a Healthy Sleep Habit

    According to a research work, we all need at least 9 hours of sleep every night. But some students sacrifice their sleep for pleasure such as surfing the net and the likes.Lack of sleep makes it more difficult for students to concentrate in school, especially during those early-morning classes.There is a direct link between sleep and academic success.
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