Featured 7 Tips To Help You Prevent A Car Theft

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    Car theft is on the rise ,and it happens for different reasons and under different circumstances.I would be sharing some tips with you today on how you can reduce the chances of your car getting stolen.

    1.Always Keep Track Of Your Keys
    A lot of people leave their spare keys carelessly in one corner of their house or somewhere they think is “safe” in case they misplace their keys.What you don’t know is someone might be watching and monitoring you.Always keep your keys in a very safe place.

    2.Remove Valuables From Your Car
    Make it a rule to always remove “attractive items ” from your car .Leaving valuables in your car is a sure way to invite people to also steal your car and not just the valuables.If the thief decides to smash your glass for the valuable , he might decide to go all the way.

    3.Always Lock Your Car
    Even if you are just moving a feet away, always lock your car when you are not in it ,also lock it when you are in it.

    4.Never Leave Your Car Unattended To
    A lot of people make this mistake and leave their engines running , to pick up something in their boot/trunk.Some people are faster than you think , they can get in and drive off.

    5.Park In A Safe Place
    Always park your car in a safe, well lit place .Try as much as possible not to park in alleys or corners or any place with little or no visibility.

    6.Install An Anti-Theft System
    Try as much as you can to install an Anti-Theft system in your car ,its a good way to deter car thieves.

    7.Don’t Drive In Unsafe Places At Night
    As much as you can its better to limit your movement at night .In the event where you have to drive at night always take safe ,well lit roads .Preferably roads that are constantly patrolled by the police.

    If The Worse Happens………

    I don’t pray for the worse to happen but :

    If you are held at gun point please surrender , your life is more important.

    If your car gets stolen always report it immediately to the police and also share with friends.

    I hope this was helpful, have something extra to add ? ,kindly comment .

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