8 Simple Top Tips To Fight Ingrown Hairs And Facial Bumps For Men

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    - Shave with electrical clipper, Don't shave with razor (shaving stick). Shaving stick razor cuts off little of your facial skin while shaving thereby causing disruptions in the pores when the hair is about to grow back. It's best you shave your beards with electrical clipper

    2- Apply aftershave for men (macho is the best, becos is not too harsh, has a soothing fragrance.

    3 apply small quantity of neo-medrol to the affected area, when you notice a small appearing bumps neo-medrol works like magic it's eliminates bumps caused by bacteria and it has no side effects.

    4 bath with DOVE soap it's so nourishing it has a soft, smooth moisturising content it helps in refreshing the skin, and helps to clear the facial pores with it 1/4 Oil contents you can use regularly..

    5 apply VISIBLE DIFFERENCE CREAM. It helps to eliminate dark spots caused by constant shaving... it clears of the spots makes the shave facial part to look brighter without any sign of shaved beards.

    6- always change ur pillow case, then if you are too lazy to do that, ignore your pillow totally cos resting on a dirty pillow while sleeping causes facial infections especially for men who shave regularly the bacteria in dirty pillows can give you a million bumps.

    7- make sure you have your bath with disinfectants ( preferable ROBERT LIME ANTICEPTIC LIGUID) it's soothing with a freshing fragrance and not too harsh on the skin

    8- if you have a personal shaving clipper, before you use it use your aftershave LIGUID like MACHO aftershave spray it on the shaving clipper blades to kill bacteria... they're too small for u to notice them it's very important you spray your aftershave on your clipper blades before using them.

    If you follow this steps routinely then you have no reasons to complain about, bumps, ingrown hairs. It really works give it a try.
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