As Simple As This Riddle Seems, Some People Still ‘CAN’T’ Solve It!

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    This looks easy but it is not because everyone will arrive at a different answer…

    A lady bought goods worth ₦200 and paid the shopkeeper with a ₦1000 Note.

    The Shopkeeper had no change on him so he went to another Shopkeeper John his neighbour and collected₦1000 change in ₦200 denominations, with which he settled the lady and she left.'

    A little while later, John came back angrily after he discovered the ₦1000 note he was given by the shopkeeper was fake, and demanded a replacement.

    To avoid trouble, the shopkeeper had to give John another ₦1000 and destroyed the counterfeit which had no real value.

    So Question for the geniuses…

    How much has the Shopkeeper lost in total?

    Drop Your Answers Below….!!!

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