Civil Servants And Their Attitude To Work!

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    So I had my IT placement at ministry of energy in kwara state and all I can say is that I was so amazed at the attitude of the guys working at the ministry..

    On my first day of resuming to work I was dere as early as 8am to my greatest surprise all offices were still closed.. I had to wait till around 10 before I could see the first worker coming in.. I later got to find out that was the normal time they come to work.. The interesting part is most of them come to work and all they do is talk and when is 2pm u see dem going home already... I kept asking myself that is this how lovely it is to work for the government?? But I got to find out that this guys add nothing to the value of the state and these same people will complain if their salary is delayed without adding any value to their place of work!!

    Fast forward two years from that time I'm now a Corp member posted to Lagos and having my ppa at ministry of works in alausa ikeja.. Well the working condition here is a bit interesting. At least they come early to work... But one thing is still common to this civil servants.. "" Their attitude towards work"" We used 3 weeks to complete a registration we could have done just in 2 days!!

    This attitude shown towards work by civil servants are one of the main reason why Nigeria is still so backward and under developed(my opinion though)

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