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    Back when I was younger, with a very high tendency to committing offenses {I was very stubborn oh!}. I recalled a particular incident when me and some friends went in illegally to take fruits from my school orchard.

    We went on our business by plucking down mangoes, almond, cashew, oranges… there were so many trees around. In our sheer moment of ecstasy, we threw caution to the wind, by talking incessantly and I think the watch man heard us, because the next minute, we saw him speeding towards us while brandishing his cudgel. We all dispersed, I kept on running till I saw an opening and I crawled in. I stayed there observing and when I thought the coast was clear, I crawled out.

    When I glanced back to look at the space I crawled from, alas, it was a ROOT that had grown above the ground, looking up, the tree itself stretched into the sky. I stood there transfixed, because then, I had never seen anything like that, so big and the roots were big and thick. The king of all trees in the orchard I thought. Then, I felt a force tug at my collar, THE WATCHMAN! He found me, I could not say anything, all I could think of was the root of that tree, and as he dragged me to out to the headmasters office, I kept glancing backward until we took a bend, and the tree with its root went out of my sight, but never out of my mind till this day! {Mind you, I was punished, and out of fear, I never neared the orchard again, till I left that school}

    To the present day now, both offline and online we come across well-established names in various facet of the human life just like the roots of that mighty tree in facets like, agriculture, medicine, music, football, medicine… the list goes on. Looking at the big frame, some questions come into the picture. Questions like:

    • How did they manage to become this.
    • How did they come this far
    • What is there driving force?

    The list goes on and every day we get bombarded with all sort of answers as to how you can discover a niche or space for yourself, develop it and get rooted just like the individuals you read about every day, so that one day people will read and talk about you too and you will be a force to reckon with.

    I would have love to give you this article just like the way I do before but I will not be fulfilled, so I will like to make this a lecture series, whereby, we might get through in let’s say three weeks’ time so that we can cover our action plans later. {Please note, I am writing from one of my published books, so we will go in chapters and at my discretion}.


    chapter ONE

    There is something special about you that that you are yet to comprehend, and because of that most of us do things blindly and are always feeling untapped and unfulfilled. Today we have people living other people’s life by building their dream and they leave there’s dormant.
    Am not saying everyone must be an inventor, entrepreneur… no, but there is a level of understanding you will attain, and even if you are doing some other things, you will always find time to do those activities that you appreciate.

    “The truth about life is that you can only be a success when you are engaged in that particular activity you are good at, so if you want real happiness, continue with the activity that makes you happy” ---


    When I say purpose, I want you to understand that I am referring to the dormant and innate skill in you, the one you did not go to school to learn but it is God-given. Everybody has something special about them, but the biggest problem is discovering what it is that you are good at, and sometimes I count myself very lucky. There is greatness deep down inside of you but you are yet to tap into it, so hold hands with me while I take you on a smooth ride.

    Before I continue, let me tell you a little about myself and how I discovered myself. I wrote my first poem, when I was in junior secondary class two, but I felt it was an accident, so I gave up. When I got to senior secondary, I joined the science department, based on persuasion from my dad who wanted a doctor son and my teachers who felt I was too brilliant to be anywhere else.

    Before, I knew what was happening, my writing and talking skills went overboard, I could do it anytime, anywhere without stress, it was part of me. I remembered one of my English test, an essay, my teacher scored me a nine from ten, then he called me to his office to know how I managed to that, he felt there was more but I was feeling so natural, it’s just like when I breath.

    I was also doing great in math, further math, chemistry, physics and biology because, since I write very deep, I learnt to think very deep and quickly and so my understanding ability was skyrocketing because I write from abstract occurrence. Without boring you with extreme stories, I got admitted to the UNIVERSITY OF BENIN to study FISHERIES, in the FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE, even though I applied for MEDICINE.
    { do all the thinking and see that, most of us are in a vehicle riding away from our basic life’s direction.}
    Though I never even knew what I wanted to be, I only know that I so love writing to inspire others and talking to them so they can feel better. Those were the only thing I do in life that really made me sleep well, that’s why today you are hearing the YOU INITIATIVE everywhere, and I believe I am doing so well, if not, you would not be reading this now.

    Discovering that power in you to bend the world to your opinion, it is not something to toil with, that is why we have very few successful people today, when everybody has got the criteria to be a success, yes everyone, including YOU!
    Now am not talking success in Lamborghini and Bentley, am talking success from doing what you are supposed to do. Do you love the sound of a guitar, then go get one and learn to play. Most times we gravitate towards fields that have acquired massive roots over the years and we tend to push on into a saturated market, see brother, you will only be dragging and sweating out for nothing.
    Now, now orient you on how you can discover that power in you that is yet to be tapped, funny, but one of you out there can actually be a better writer than me, your age or sex is not a barrier, not even your country or state, skin color or disability.

    Take a pen and paper now and answer these questions:
    • What is your name?
    • Do you enjoy your department (secondary), course (higher institution), career (working class)? If no, why?
    • What do you always wish you were doing now, even when receiving a lecture or working, aside sleeping?
    • What have you ever done that made a person say “wow, can’t believe you can do this!”
    • Which famous person, do you always wish you were?
    • What have you done that you really felt good about, or what will you do and you are sure that it will bring you happiness.
    • Write down other things you would love in engage in.

    You can write them in the comment box also, and also ask your questions. I will try to answer them before the next chapter. TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS ON THE ONGOING PROJECT, REDISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE


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