Female Youth Corps Member Spotted Half-Naaked Inside NYSC Orientation Camp - Photo

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    A female Youth Corps Member has shocked people with her choice of clothing after she appeared in public half-n*ked.

    This lady is allegedly a Youth Corp Member who is at an NYSC camp for the orientation course.

    According to Kemi Olusola, a social media user who shared the uncomfirmed photo online, the alleged female 'corper' showed up like this, dressed scantilly to fetch water early this morning at a tap inside the girls lodge.

    Olusola refused to disclose the name of the NYSC camp but explained that the girl was unashamed and unapologetic with her choice of dressing.

    Social media users have spoken out about the viral photo with many saying the soldiers at the camp won't take it lightly with her if they catch her.
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