Full List Of Retired Military Officers Released

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    ADCs to former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan are among the 58 military officers retired by the Nigerian army in its latest exercise.

    They were retired over two allegations, according to the army: partisanship and corruption.

    Ojogbane Adegbe, a colonel and former ADC to Jonathan, and Mustapha Onoiveta, former ADC to Yar’Adua, were both retired.

    Nicholas Achinze, a colonel and former military assistant to Owoye Azazi, a retired general, and Sambo Dasuki, a retired colonel, was also retired.

    Both Azazi and Dasuki were national security advisers under Jonathan.

    In announcing the retirement on Saturday, Sani Usman, a colonel and army spokesman, said it was based on “service exigencies”.

    “It should be recalled that not too long ago some officers were investigated for being partisan during the 2015 general election,” he said.

    “Similarly, the investigation by the Presidential Committee investigating defence contracts revealed a lot. Some officers have already been arraigned in court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).‎”

    Usman said the army appealed that Nigerians “should therefore not read this out of context”, saying “the military must remain apolitical and professional at all times”.


    1. Maj Gen FO Ali.
    2. Maj Gen EG Atewe.
    3. Maj Gen Ejemai.
    4. Maj Gen MY Ibrahim.
    5. Maj Gen IN Ijioma.
    6. Maj Gen Koleoso.
    7. Maj Gen PAT Akem.
    8. Maj Gen LC Ilo.
    9. Maj Gen SD Aliyu.
    10. Brig Gen Onibasa.
    11. Brig Gen IM Lawson.
    12. Brig Gen D Abdusalam.
    13. Brig Gen Bashir Mormoni.
    14. Brig Gen ASH Sahaad.
    15. Brig Gen Koko Essien.
    16. Brig Gen MD Onoiveta.
    17. Brig Gen LM Bello.
    18. Brig Gen MG Ali.
    19. Brig Gen Oyefesobi.
    20. Brig Gen Ogidi.
    21. Brig Gen Fiboinumama.
    22. Brig Gen Agachi.
    23. Col OU Nwankwo.
    24. Col Adegbe.
    25. Col DR Hassan.
    26. Col TT Minima.
    27. Col CK Ukoha.
    28. Col FD Kayode.
    29. Col Achinze.
    30. Lt Col Oladuntoye.
    31. Lt Col Adinmoha.
    32. Lt Col CO Amadi.
    33. Lt Col Baba Ochanpa.
    34. Lt Col Dazang.
    35. Lt Col TE Arigbe.
    36. Lt Col Egemole.
    37. Lt Col A Suleiman.
    38. Lt Col A Mohammed.
    39. Lt Col AS Mohammed.
    40. Lt Col Enemchukwu.
    41. Maj TA Williams.

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