Funny Question Of The Day!! How Would You Explain This? (A Must Read)

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    Hi Naijaloadites,

    Here is our Today Question of the Day.. Enjoy it!!! UJq9oAVxOA0zqcTdn-ToQotstOHKw1ZP.png


    Police arrest you and as them collect your phone, a text message comes in saying

    “Abeg, if you dey come, buy 1 AK-47 and 4 bullets make we take dey wellbefore we go out tonight”.

    How do you explain to the police that your friend meant a Vodka (AK-47) and 4 Energy Drinks (Bullet)?

    To make matter worse, your friend’s name is Robert and you saved it as “ROB-1″ on your phone!

    Let’s know how smart you are!

    How would you explain this to get you out of Unforeseen Troubles?

    Drop your comments
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