Featured Global Changemakers Youth Summit 2017 for Change Agents – Switzerland ( Fully Funded)

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    Application Deadline: Tuesday January 31, 6 p.m. Central European Time.

    The Global Youth Summit 2017 will take place 16 – 20 July in Switzerland, and are now accepting applications ! The Program will be bringing 60 Changemakers aged 18 to 23 for a life-changing week of training sessions, networking and workshops.

    In order to apply you must fill in an online application as well as send GCM a two-minute video describing your efforts to bring about a positive change in your communities and about your ambitions.

    GCM will invite the strongest candidates to participate at the Summit, assessing their track record of advocacy, campaigning, social entrepreneurship, community activism and volunteerism, whilst ensuring geographical and gender representation.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Global Changemakers are looking for the most inspiring young social entrepreneurs, community activists, advocates and campaigners from across the globe.
    • Participants must be between 18 and 23 years of age on the dates of the summit.

    • If you are selected, your flight (from your country’s main airport), board and lodging costs will be covered for the duration of the summit.
    • Additional personal expenses, as well as visas to enter Switzerland (for those who require one) will not be covered.
    Application Procedure:

    • You will need to pay for your application fee (please make sure to copy your transaction number and paste it on the online application form), do a 2 minute application video (you can read the video instructions here) and fill in an online application form.
    • You can prepare your written application form using this PDF as a reference and copy- paste your answers directly to the form.
    The application deadline is Tuesday January 31, 6 p.m. Central European Time.

    The application process will go live on 1 of January. We suggest you prepare by readingthese guidelines for your video and making sure you have a PayPal account or credit card ready to be able to pay the 35 USD application administration fee.

    For More Information:

    Visit the Official Webpage of the Global Changemakers Youth Summit 2017
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