Featured Goethe-Institute Backstory Film Residency 2017 for Emerging Filmakers from the MENA Region – Lebanon, Beirut (Fully Funded)

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    The program is designed:
    • To support regional filmmakers in shaping their professional careers by providing creativity-enhancing working conditions
    • To initiate and facilitate networking in the region and between the region and Europe
    • To provide opportunities for exchange and exposure
    • To give Master Classes to enhance the capabilities of filmmakers
    • To give technical support for film projects by providing technical equipment
    Eligibility Requirements:

    “BACKSTORY“ invites emerging filmmakers:

    • Who have already professional work experience and are up to 40 years old
    • Who plan to realize a film project or part of it (pre-production, production or post-production)
    • Who are working on any film genre except commercial ads
    • Who must be citizens of, and currently residing in, an eligible country:
      – Algeria – Jordan – Morocco – Tunisia
      – Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman – UAE
      – Egypt – Lebanon – Saudi Arabia – Palestine
      – Iraq – Libya – Syria – Qatar
      – Yemen – Sudan
      – Germany


    “BACKSTORY“ will provide:

    • Accommodation at Beirut Art Residency
    • Stimulating workspace in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut’s artistic district
    • Administrative and logistical support
    • Access to technical equipment according to project needs
    • Specialized master classes provided during the residency
    • Flights to and from Beirut
    • Monthly stipend of USD 1,000

    There will be 2 residencies offered in 2017.
    Residency 1: May 29 – July 30, 2017
    Residency 2: September 1 – October 31, 2017

    Application Procedure:

    Please fill in the application online and include all the necessary information and files related to your work. Deadline: February 1st, 2017.

    The Jury selection will take place in March 2017.
    Applicants will also be notified in March 2017.


    Goethe-Institut Lebanon
    Nahr Ibrahim Street
    Facing Sacré Coeur School back entrance
    P.O.B. 113-5159

    To consult BACKSTORY coordinator Mr. Abdallah Annan, please contact phone:
    +961 1 570125 Ext.: -205 or email:



    For More Information:

    Visit the Official Webpage of the Goethe-Institute Backstory Film Residency 2017
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