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    This message is to all fellow initiators, filled with love and shrouded with the anticipation of a better tomorrow.

    New year it is, but happiness will not just come with no effort, to avoid us all crossing over to nothing, I have tried to make a list of somethings that will guarantee a sure 2014. You can add yours too, let the love spread!

    Get closer to your creator, you are not even getting younger, you just added another year in your unofficial calendar.

    Learn to love unconditionally, and never see anyone with hate filled eyes, thus love those who do not even care.

    Learn a new skill, its not all books and school please, it will come in handy someday.

    Never engage in any activity that does not make you happy or add to your confidence. Its a dead end!

    Get a diary and write what happens everyday to you in there, its a nice place to laugh about your mistakes when you become a success.

    Don't just hang out with every one, stick with people who add worth and value to your life. And look for those you can add to there too.

    When you dress, do not wear clothes for anyone, dress in clothings you feel comfortable in, it will help with your esteem.

    Draw out a plan for every week and month , and make sure you complete above 60% of them.

    Exercise a lot, you will be doing your weary muscles from last year no good if you become a couch puppy in 2013. Start with pull and push up.

    Join up in a voluntary organisation, and give back to the society, with anything, even just your presence is priceless.

    Forget about general opinions about you, what do you think of yourself friend?

    Forget that long chains of friends you have, get a few you can trust and with common goals as you.

    Get out sometimes and meet people, its great you know to reshuffle that picture album.

    Check through your contacts and go on a deleting spree. Some people are just dormant, they are not needed if you want to move on.

    You are not worthless, I could give up my life now to be you, but you are priceless, so am forced to remain ME,


    "So find value in yourself and others will find value in you"

    @@next update soonest with love@@


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