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    The average person just love to use things without asking questions.
    Here are a few things we use everyday with hidden
    features you might not have noticed but means a lot and
    serve a lot of purpose.

    1. The Little Hole In The Side Of A Pen

    At a first glance, it might strike you as just a design but it is
    there for a reason and meant to serve a good purpose.
    Without the hole, a pen will be completely airtight and as
    you write and use the ink, the pressure will fall preventing
    the ink from flowing to the tip and eventually the pen will
    cease to write although there is still ink in it.
    On highlands or in planes where the pressure is lower, a
    pen with no hole can explode soiling your attire with ink.
    The hole equalizes the pressure in the pen to allow it to
    write. So the next time you see it, you should know it is not just there for fun.

    2. An Extra Piece Of Fabric

    Those who usually buy from “bend down boutiques”
    might not relate to this but if you’re the type who always
    buy brand new clothing from boutiques, you will notice
    there is a piece of fabric with a button on it tucked in the
    pocket of either a shirt or trousers.
    Many people actually think it is meant for patching when
    you get the attire torn but that’s far from it. It is actually
    meant for you to use to test how it will react with detergents when using your washing machine.
    So what you need to do with is by washing it to see how it
    will fade before washing the main attire to prevent colors
    from sipping into other fabrics.

    3. Little Hole In A Padlock

    When you check the bottom of your padlock, you will
    notice there is a little hole close to where you put the key tounlocking the padlock. This might mean nothing to you but it is there for a purpose.
    The hole is meant for you to grease your padlock in case it gets rusty and gets stuck and you need to get oil in it.
    It is also meant to drain water that gets trapped in the

    If your padlock does not have the hole, then it is
    made out of stainless steel and it is supposed to be used
    indoors to prevent water from getting in.

    4. The Punt Under Wine Bottles

    The dimple under wine bottles known as Punt are not just
    there for decoration purposes, it is actually there to help
    the wine sparkle while in storage.

    Had it not been because of the punt under wine bottles,
    the bottle will exert pressure from the wine and explode.

    5.The Bump At The End Of A Laptop Cable

    The bump at the end of your laptop cable known as ferrite
    beads is not there to distract you or mess up your day.

    It is not just there for fun but serves a good purpose. It is there to prevent interference in the cable.
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