#HOT: Airtel 1gb Weekend Plan free!

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    >>> To get airtel free 1gb for the weekend dial

    *475# TWICE

    After dailing the code twice, you will receive this message “the data given to you is usable only at 12am on Saturdays till Sunday 11:59 am”.
    that this works on Android, IPhone(iOS) and windows mobile and pc and doesn’t require tunnel software to power it. As it implies, it is used for weekend(Saturday and Sunday) starting from 12am Saturday morning till Sunday 11:59pm.

    The best way to enjoy this is to get more airtel sim cards and get more data for your downloads. Four sim cards will give you free 4gb data for streaming and downloading and this doesn’t require any airtime on your sim.

    Free Airtel 1GB weekend Data

    *475# TWICE.
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