How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians

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    A case where phone makers deliberate set out to rip off the wallet of Nigerians with juicy marketing, only to make a U-turn and do what they ought to do in the first instance. What do I mean? Now, I have seen a couple of phone makers make a certain phone with 1GB RAM, and then 3-months later, they release the same phone with 2GB RAM and add appellations like “Plus, Max, Pro” at the end of the original name. These OEM’s have no “trade-in” policy, they deliberately want Nigerians to dump their new phone and purchase the same phone with a re-branded name. Ouch!

    For other phone makers, they make the two variant, 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM, release only the 1GB version in Nigeria and send the two 2GB version to Kenya and UAE because those countries have a government – This is fraud!

    The United States has a regulatory body called FCC that checks the quality and authenticity of phones coming into their country. Even the highly rated Xaiomi had a tough time entry the U.S market because of the standards the Chinese OEM had to meet.

    Over here in Nigeria, the Standard Organization of Nigeria and NCC allows anything into Nigeria, as if our dear country is dumping ground for some of these phones that should be destroyed at the shores of Nigeria.

    I earlier decried the so-called Yezz Mobile Jumia wanted to flood into the market, I am glad the brand was dead on arrival. There are other OEM’s who have established their brand in Nigeria, but now take us for granted with their bizarre business policy – This is fraud, it is dumb and delusional.

    It’s even more disheartening that some OEM’s create phones without parts and accessories. They don’t want to offer repair services even when they know their stuff is inferior, they want you to keep buying the same sh!t with the money they don’t deserve.

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