Featured I'm Beginning The Year Without My Fiancé, please help!

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    I really need someone to tell me the truth if what I've done is bad even though I feel no guilt in it except for the fact that my fiancé is thinking of leaving me just at the beginning of this new year.

    Some weeks back last year December, I asked my fiancé to update my Whatsapp for me so I could be able to video call him when we are far from each other and he agreed. Only for him to start snooping around in my messages, especially the ones between me and my ex.

    And this made him to confront me.
    Now he claims he does't have any problem with me chatting with my ex but his problem is that first, I still call my ex sweetie when chatting with him and second, I'm always the first to initiate a chat with him.

    Personally I have always called my ex sweetie and bae and don't see why I should stop now. And yes I do initiate most chat when I need someone to talk to and I know my fiancé will be too busy or unreachable. How is this a problem.
    I'm not cheating on him with my ex But he is threatening to quit our relationship

    Is he being unreasonable Or I'm the unreasonable one?

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