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    The popular saying goes thus, learning is a continuous process and its completion is at death.
    It is worthy to note that we learn with each passing second on earth – knowingly or passively; formally and informally.

    The formal aspect is where our discuss will veer towards today because it is the innate urge to learn more that has stretched the curiosity of man to all field and the only solace and joy so far is in the ability to fully grasp and comprehend al the varying concepts.

    Man been a higher specie further saw the reason for an organized gathering or a location where learning can be done orderly and with maximum effect, thus the concept of school and higher institutions.

    Every person today is in a learning process -at work, school {university, secondary e.t.c} and the circle continues, but the need to ingrain the ideas for practice of the theoretical concept learned and In most case to pass an exam that ushers one to a new level of success and achievement, hence the word READING.

    Reading can easily be illustrated as trying to understand an idea, theory for long term use, I suppose you have a definition for it too?


    Some people thrive well in classrooms, others the library, some the garden, cafeteria, sidewalk, I even saw a guy reading on the toilet seat, whatever works for you.

    You have to discover your location, which is the place where your assimilating powers are heightened, it’s not really about the distractions, and it’s the effort you can put towards full concentration.

    Find your location and stick to it.

    While we keep getting news of individuals doing long hours of reading, you might be forced to wonder if there is an upcoming reading marathon coming up. The truth is that is what works for them, but also we have those who cannot even go beyond thirty 30 minutes.

    You have to know yourself – if you are a marathon reader or a snack reader, that way you can flow better with time and put efficiency to your reading abilities.


    With a vast array of subjects and fields that have intersection with theoretical writing, mathematical calculations and analysis to even abstract thinking, it is noteworthy that the student has a prior grasp and understanding of the subject matter or it will just be another case of pouring water into a basket.

    And another tip here is to rotate, if you are get bored of a mathematical based subject, switch to totally mathematical unrelated subject or what have you.it works all the time.


    It has been shown repeatedly that man tend to achieve more in any endeavor or activity when there is a motivating factor or incentive.
    In this case reading is the activity, reward yourself for any reading achievement either by taking a chilled drink or a snack break, it works all the time.

    Set reading landmarks and goals and abide all through like a sheep.

    BUT wait, wait, what is more motivation than the fear of failing an exam or going blank in the interview and examination hall, you don’t want to experience this so read!


    Yes, to simplify how you read and get a full understanding you just have to keep reading, everywhere you go, take a book along

    Read before you sleep, even when you wake, just keep reading and in a short time it will get so simple for you.

    Or have you never heard that “READERS ARE LEADERS”

    Get to comment other ways you have been able to simplify how you read and let others learn, so we can turn the world to one big knowledge pool because every is READING!


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