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    Continue arguing your brains out for that so called man of God who, right now, is online shopping for the next big bang car that will grace his garage.
    Continue wondering all you can on how to meet up with your so called monthly divine contribution in church while somebody sits back thinking of the next business to venture into with your money.
    Continue moving from house to house telling people why your church is the place to be this Sunday, while somebody is bragging to his friends how fast his ministry is growing.
    Christianity is now a shadow of what it should be. We have let fraudsters run it like a game and allowed ourselves to be brainwashed! We see obvious ills, things contrary to what the Bible teaches and even logical reasoning, yet we refuse to act accordingly. Why can a pastor stand on the altar and tell you how capable God is to protect His children but still foots the bills of security personnel and purchases state of the art vehicles to thwart any attempts on his life and we all don't see it as fishy?
    Men of God live wealthy lifestyles but keep telling us to build treasures in heaven instead of on Earth and we see it as okay. Every Sunday, purses are drained just to support one church project which is hardly of any benefit to anybody but the pastor.
    We pray like pagans, shouting out our voices to the limit, something clearly spoken against in the Bible but we see nothing wrong because one pastor says it's okay.
    We rather pay tithes than give to the poor, despite biblical teachings . We wear bands and carry banners with the names of our pastors rather than that of Christ. We claim to speak in tongues yet cannot preach to the old woman who does not understand English, in her native dialect but we don't see anything wrong with that because somebody made us believe he has prayed upon us the gift of speaking in tongues.
    Of a truth, many Christians are on the wrong track and they don't even know it...NIGERIANS WAKE UP
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    This is one of the reasons why I am not religious but am spiritual.

    This is really deep @MALAGA but not everyone will think like this.

    We are the few who can think right.

    Respect Brother!

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