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    Is it still possible to make money online? The million dollars question, and still there is no answer to it. But really, is it truly possible to earn money online, to earn a living online and be self fulfilled in reality? YES, it is possible.


    Now, I believe you must have invested in various EBooks, reports, attended seminars and classes that promise to teach and show you, and how you can sincerely make money online. Yet, your craving is still unattended to because they just put out a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that really makes no sense and thus you are still worse off than before.

    This post is not your basic 500-1000 words post, because what I intend to do here is to touch and dig into this topic as far as it’s rooted. I would advise you take a pen and paper to jot down or you download it as a PDF (link at the end of the post) and print it out to read while you are less busy.

    Let’s get to business.


    Before I go all guns blazing and revealing the most treasured secrets of the internet world, I would like to point out the basic mindset you need to cultivate if you really want to be the next internet millionaire. Like a real life business, you don’t just jump into it, you must have to check some boxes and see if it something you can put up with. Pat Flynn and a host of other guys are doing it, now I wonder what is holding you back.

    The most important virtue though, is to be hardworking and be dedicated and you will be surprised to see it working for you.

    Are You Ready Enough To Make Money Online?

    The very first admonishment I have, is to tell you to be very much ready. The internet is a world and every one online is a potential customer. You should be very much ready to start up and you must have thought long about it, it should really be something you want to do. Put passion aside, you should really be prepared to dedicate some portion of your time, money and even freewill to get into the game.

    I will advise that you perpetually see it as a business and see yourself as online entrepreneur. So I ask, are you ready to make a potential living online?

    Plan Right to Make Money Online

    When you have no plan on how to progress, it is tantamount to running in circles, I bet you do not want that feeling and the sense of insanity and hopelessness it brings. Planning right means you already have a knowledge and a set down pattern you want to follow. Without plan, you will get swallowed up in the perpetual abyss of online money making pit, and I tell you, its traumatizing.

    Before you go about things, it is also important that you have the right knowledge when it comes to doing an online business. You cannot just take on the offensive side without making the right plans. The lack of planning when it comes to taking actions into your business can really be your major undoing, without that you are likely to fail in the industry.

    Are you highly determined to Make Money Online?

    Starting up any business, whether online or in the physical world, would also need a lot of determination and ultimately focus. Although people may say that fate determines how your business would go, you can actually alter the destiny of your company, especially if you are determined in making it successful.

    It is very important that you take away all the negative vibes that you have and feel confident about what you are about to undergo, even if you don’t have an idea of where you might end. Determination sets things right.

    Be Disciplined and ordered

    Discipline is also needed to become successful in your online business. In a physical business, you will have to get up every morning to visit your establishment and see how things are going around. When you have it online, you can check out any transactions anytime of the day giving you more freedom when it comes to managing your time. Discipline is what makes you get up to type that article when your sleep is becoming interesting, discipline is when you actually set a target for yourself and you meet up always. This is what will differentiate you from the others

    Time Consciousness

    The online business is one that seems to be time flexible, meaning you can do anything at any time you wish. But, this would sometimes make one lazy and complacent on the comings and goings of the business. Since you can have the luxury of time, you are likely to put off the things you would have to do for the day and instead get them done tomorrow.

    Transactions are also made online and various tools can be used to make managing of the business a little easier. This enables you to manage the entire business on your own and without the need of help from any other person. Unfortunately, you could not have anybody else with which to entrust the transactions of your business and you cannot get help in case you are not able to fulfill your role.

    I can go on and on listing all you need to do to get yourself in the right mindset but I would let you be so you can decide more on your own, virtues that will help you in elongating and strengthening your pose to become successful online by ultimately earning an income.

    While the right mindset in having an online business would make you more likely to succeed in the undertaking, you must still remember that it is not a walk in the park. You would still need to exert some more effort as you would in a physical business to ensure that you succeed in your online business.

    Pheww that was some lecture there. Next…


    Since the advent of the internet, the world has taken shape to blend seamlessly with its continuous demands and this has erupted in the possibility of people having online personalities and life. And just like real life, you really got to make money online too.

    Thus, several avenues and ways have been discovered, but the bulk is been held from the view of the entire world.

    There are so much to do online to become financially secured, from just clicking even to starting your own website or blog.


    Imagine the entire World Wide Web (internet) as a very large country, now visualize the various blogs and website scattered all over as mineral resources. You should understand how important mineral resources (gold, crude oil etc.) are to a country.

    They can be mined or drilled as applicable and that is where the money lies, it is in there conversion and optimization. I believe you must be getting the picture I am trying to paint, your websites are the digital mineral resources and they work almost in the same fashion.

    Let us get a bit further, your websites are like properties and real estates and by owning one, you just secured a portion of the internet for yourself, you are officially an online-lord and how you put your assets to use is your sole responsibility and concern.

    Requirements to Start Your Online Blog


    Webhosting is like a house, this is where your website will reside and the domain is the name, and when it is typed into a browser, it calls the website out.

    There are tons of webhosting today, but the one I use and can vouch for is BLUEHOST. They are very user and newbie friendly, a great customer care, cheap to acquire and use. There is so much, but I also like the fact that my site loads faster now since I transferred here. (PS: the amount of time your website takes to load can affect your business, the faster the better, 80% percent of customers and visitors are very impatient).

    NB: You also get a free domain when you buy your hosting from them

    Which platform, Content Management System or Script?

    Getting yourself a website this days has become easier than before with the advent of WordPress a content management system and blogger. There are other platforms but this two are actually better, while wordpress is the best. This is because you are solely in charge of the content and you can virtually do anything with it; design wise or monetization while in blogger (FREE) you are limited.

    There are tons of themes and plug-ins to use on your site, but we will elaborate on those in a latter post where we will teach how to design a site from scratch. (We don’t want to go overboard).

    Content of Your Blog an Originality

    This is the life blood of your website and internet business, without content, the internet as a whole is nothing. Your content are your articles, products and even pictures, and they go as far to determine how original you are.

    My rule of thumb is Quality over quantity any day, but if you can combine the two, you are in for a major kill. Your visibility to search engines and ability to get your visitors (who will become potential customers) asking for more is by providing valuable information, like this post you are reading now.


    Google AdSense

    This is an advertising platform by the giant GOOGLE. The purpose of this is to service the need of their bulk advertisers, so they recruit publishers who have websites after reviewing their application. If you are accepted you will notice that targeted advertisement will begin to display on your blog and if anyone is to click on them, you get a certain amount of money. To earn more here, you have to build your traffic properly, optimize your blog to search engines, increase the load time, as this will increase your click through rate.

    You can apply from your Google account but ensure that you already have original content and have been able to grow your traffic organically, by referral or paid (does not still guarantee that you will be accepted still).

    This is one of the easiest way to make money online with your blog and the payout per month is usually $100 but you can make more than that. Ask SHOEMONEY.

    You have to do a lot of tweaking and optimizing though and we will explain more in subsequent articles.

    Other alternatives to Google AdSense that still operate in the same way include:, revenue hits, etc.

    Cost per action sites (maxbounty, peerfly etc.)

    Unlike advertising with AdSense and its alternatives, where you earn basically on the amount of impression and clicks. Here you are paid or you earn based on actions like sending leads to a squeeze page, making people to fill form online, taking free surveys. The list is endless and the opportunities are limitless. Just open your mind eyes to see the secret.

    My all-time favorites are and, you might want to check them out.

    Become an Amazon Associate

    Amazon has an Associates program for site owners and bloggers. They offer a search tool to find the right products and services from their site and a variety of ad styles to display on your site, including text-based and banner images (digital billboards) that you can put up on your site.

    Each item purchased through your Amazon links give you a commission. It doesn’t take high volume traffic to achieve results, either. They can apply your earnings to your Amazon account balance, issue you a check, or direct deposit into your bank account. If you love Amazon, you’ll love their associate’s program. Head over to the website and sign up today.

    Creating Your Own Product

    You must have read so much information products in for of eBooks, listened to audio or watched video tutorials and webinars. Those are one way a lot of individuals are making a cool income online, and I believe you have it in you too.

    This statement may shock you, but I’ll bet you yourself have inside your mind information that would make for an incredibly valuable and profitable info product. The fact is, all of your experiences, talents, and skills if put down in the proper format, could very well represent a value to someone else that doesn’t have that knowledge or skill.

    Simply make a list of any hobby or talent that you have that you could teach to somebody else. If there is a big enough interest in a particular subject matter that you have knowledge about then don’t hesitate to create a product. As far as the world of online goes, an expert is merely someone who can provide specific information about a topic that someone else wants to pay to learn.

    Creating your product doesn’t require any special skill either. A salable product could be as simple as an e-book, such as the one you’re reading now, or a more detailed program that may include a series of videos, audio lessons, or a combination of any of the three.

    There are many places online you can use to outsource the work to be created. If you can type or talk into a microphone then someone else can take this recorded material and turn it into an information product you could sell on your website. For more detailed information about this particular subject, simply go to Google and type in how to create an info product and a plethora of solutions will be available to you or stick with this blog, we will be doing an expose on that soon.

    You can also put them up for sale on your website or at amazon or other website that will allow input from its users.

    Promoting Affiliate Products

    Becoming an affiliate of someone else’s product is incredibly easy and can be incredibly profitable. You’re simply acting as a salesperson for a product that someone else created and you’ll use your website to help sell this product. The product creator pays you, the affiliate, a commission for each sale you make, and in turn, you won’t be in charge of any of the overhead or service related to creating, delivering, or servicing the product once you make the sale.

    Many large and well-known companies have affiliate programs and will pay you a percentage of the sales made from any visitor you send to their site or anyone who actually buys a product or participate in an action. In addition, many info marketers have created individual products for sale on the Internet and will allow you to earn commissions on the sales as well.

    One of the easiest places online to find all of the affiliate programs you may ever need is

    Click bank offers you the ability to sign up for free and become an affiliate of thousands of products. Simply choose one of these products and build your website and marketing efforts around it.

    Click bank offers tutorials on how to get started and support can often be obtained through the creators of the product as well. Once you sign up for a program you will be allowed to use a myriad of graphics and advertising materials to help you achieve your sales goals.

    You can also check out:


    Commission junction


    While earning a percentage of a sale through an affiliate program is attractive, especially considering how quickly the programs can be set up, earning 100% of the sale can be even more attractive. The only way to do this is to create your own product as discussed above.

    Design Websites for a Fee

    With your experience so far from building your own site, you can start to design blogs and websites for interested individuals and firms. This is one easy way out of making money online with a simple knowledge.

    If you have an interest or skill in web development, there is a big demand for designers to build winning sites for businesses or organizations. Sites like are a good place to start to find clients and build your portfolio. You can also design websites as a service been offered by your website.

    Promote and do Products review on Your Website

    Sites like SocialSpark offer bloggers cash or free trips for authoring and posting original copy about products or services to their sites. Just make sure to pay attention to FCC disclosure requirements when you’re getting paid to promote. You can also do review for other people’s product and can even pitch in a sale.

    Provide Online Tutoring

    You can start tutorials on your website in a particular field you are conversant with. An area or niche where you feel you are well grounded. It does not matter how little you think of it, there is always someone out there that wants to learn from you.

    Sites like and will connect you with people looking for help learning a subject, and you might be in particularly high demand if you’re good with math, science or a foreign language. You have to go through an application process, and once you’re approved you can start getting paid.

    Teach an Online Course

    You can start by teaching people the basics of web design or online marketing. The idea here is to see the need and take the lead.

    Sites like Udemy connect experts with people willing to pay to learn from them. Running an online course can get you $200 a month or more if you promote your courses well, reports Udemy.

    Start a Membership Area

    Yes, you can actually have a paid membership area on your blog or website where you offer special services and mentoring to people who are interested and can meet the financial demand you already placed.

    Most of the big websites and blogs actually practice this and they are making a considerable amount of money. For this to work better, you really have to be creative. This is typically for exclusive content that you can only access in the “member’s area.” If you have a really great idea on what to include, this can be a great idea. You’ll have to create something that can’t easily be accessed around the web.

    Publishing Sponsored or paid posts

    This is a special form of advertising, where instead of banners and links, you put up a post on your blog from another company or brand, for the aim of promotion and also making sales. Make sure the content you are sponsoring is in line with the direction and niche of your website.

    Many blogs publish sponsored and paid posts. Sponsored posts are basically just posts about a specific brand, product or service. A company will pay you to publish an article about it. It’s similar with other paid posts as well. You’re basically selling the spot for the article on your site. If you decide to take this route, you’ll want to build your traffic before you will get many offers.

    Starting a Subscription service Subscription Service

    This is more like an all email address affair. People interested in a particular area of your expertise, subscribe and they may even pay monthly or a one-time payment to you, so they can be privy to the information you have to offer.

    If you think of something valuable (newsletter, online magazine, etc.) that you can consistently offer on a certain basis (weekly, monthly, etc.), you may want to offer a subscription service. This could be a fee charged each time your product is sent out or on a monthly basis. Either way, this has to be something that your customers can only get by subscribing to your website.

    Freelancing (including sites to make money online)

    Ever heard of FREELANCING? I simply define it as selling your time and talent to make money online the simple secret here is you put up your services for hire or you complete simple jobs and get paid instantly. The bulk of freelancing jobs are writing but there are other variations. You can do a Google search to discover more.


    Fiverr is a marketplace where the least you can get a job done as a ‘freelancer’ is $5; I believe that is where the name ‘Fiverr’ was generated. It is a large marketplace where you can virtually get anything online done, from design job to even article writing. So what is your expertise, get down to work and earn some money. Do not get me wrong on what activities that can be done in this place, you can do both buying and selling here (more reason why it’s called a marketplace).

    · Elance

    Elance is a site to find freelance work of all types. I’ve used it for quick writing, editing, copywriting, resume building, and other odd jobs and temp gigs. The experience has been great.

    Elance offers a wide array of technical, data entry, accounting, and other freelance and temp gigs. If you’re just looking for something short and sweet, log in, input and showcase your marketable skills, and begin searching through their job database, using any parameters you desire. Once you submit a bid, you’ll receive an acceptance or denial – you may get a few rejections, but don’t sweat it. Negotiate the terms of your bid, and get to work. You have money to make.

    · Freelancer

    · Udemy

    · Rent a coder (do you have experience in programming).

    · Listverse – Listverse pays $100 for each accepted post

    · TopTenz – TopTenz pays $50 for each accepted post.

    · A List Apart – A List Apart pays $200 for each accepted post.

    · International Living – International Living pays $75 for each accepted post.

    · FundsforWriters – FundsforWriters pays $50 for each accepted post.

    · Uxbooth – Uxbooth pays $100 for each accepted post.

    · iWriter – iWriter pays up to $15 for each accepted post

    · Matador Network – Matador Network pays up to $60 for each accepted post, but standard pay is around $20-$25.

    · The Penny Hoarder – The Penny Hoarder pays up to $800 (rarely), depending upon the number of page views you receive

    All the aforementioned sites have varying policies and terms and I would advise you go over to the sites and check them out respectively. You can also do an extensive Google search for high paying freelancing sites to earn and make money online from.

    I bet you will always find one that will soothe your style and time demand.

    Start To Sell On EBay

    If you have anything you want to sell, then EBay is the place you need to seriously consider doing it first. Personally I’m not a fan of the site because of the work it takes to build up a reputation. If you’re willing to grind through that process, you’ll be rewarded with many privileges – people have gotten rich selling books about how they got rich selling everything on EBay.

    You can sell anything here too, from your used books to properties your are tired of, it’s all up to you.

    Start a Market on Amazon

    If you start getting too big for EBay or decide you want to try a different flavor, Amazon has a marketplace as well. I prefer using Amazon because I can depend on their shipping, have a Prime account, and trust their reviews (overall, not usually singularly, although occasionally that as well). Learn more about Amazon’s marketplace, and delve into the marketplace.

    The difference between Amazon and EBay is that EBay (though still filled with new items) is seen as a used marketplace between individual parties, whereas Amazon (which is filled with offers for new and used merchandise from the 3rd parties) is viewed as a Wal-Mart-type superstore. As a consumer, this difference leads me to use Amazon, so it only makes sense to target on my own demographic.

    Social Media: Make Money Online While Having Fun

    This can also be termed as social media marketing, and it is really cool to know that you can reach a large number of people in a very short notice. Facebook alone boasts of more than 6 billion users and that is just a rough estimate, so may I ask, what are you waiting for?

    No matter what you do to make money online, promote it on your social media accounts. You have a base of people who are already interested in you and have a vested interest in your brand – why would you not want to take advantage of that? By promoting yourself and your projects on your social media accounts, you’re greatly increasing the chances of people actually giving you money in exchange for your goods and services.

    Stop being shy and get out there. Create and join pages and groups on facebook, groups on linkedin to connect with professionals in your area or field. Join google+ communities. There are so much network to join, try as much to monetize them without spamming.

    You also can share your social media photos on Instagram, you can also sell prints of your photos for profit on and similar sites.

    YouTube Videos

    This another Google product that you can put to use in your quest for financial security online. You simply make or record videos and upload them online for the whole world to see. You can also monetize with adsense.

    According to recent stats we now watch more videos on YouTube than searches on Google. And with the recently introduced YouTube Partner Program you can now profit from making and uploading videos. You will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views.

    Depending on how successful you are (virality, subscriber base and topic) you can make a lot of money, and there are plenty of stories every week of more and more YouTubers making it their career.

    Buy Domain Names for Resale (domain parking)

    Domain are the first identity foe any online business that includes a website and what happens when they cannot find there loved domain, they pay through their nose to get it from the parker. The idea is to be in possession of someone else’s desired domain and you sell it to them at a very high price, simple!

    Some people have made big dollars by owning desired domains and selling them to hungry buyers. For a minimum investment of buying domain names you feel will be popular (typically $10 to $20), you might make a big profit selling it down the line,

    Write and publish a Kindle eBook

    This is one medium to make money online that is fully under-utilized, it’s all about researching and writing. With the Amazon Kindle store,anyone can publish an eBook and make money.

    And the Kindle app is now available on almost any device (laptops, iPads, smartphones and yes, Kindles) so your global market is huge!

    List your book for £1.49 – £6.99 and you earn 70% of the sale. Considering Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and remember people are looking to spend), that is a fantastic deal.

    The key to success with eBooks is to create value, and write non-fiction. Simply bundling information you have researched and complied on a common problem (e.g. ‘secrets’ to finding a job) and then presenting it in an easy to digest format (an eBook) justifies someone spending a few quid on it.

    Another big tip is to have a great cover designed so it stands out, and once your book is live on the Kindle store it’s really important to get some reviews so it shows up higher in results. Encourage readers to leave an honest review at the end of your book.

    The best thing about this lucrative idea is that once you’ve invested the time (say 20 hours), you’ll earn a passive income for years to come! For a step-by-step guide to publishing and earning with eBooks.

    Create Niche Websites Featuring Google AdSense Ads

    A niche website is a singly phased site that only discuss issues bothering on a single subject area, e.g. training dogs, curing acne, weight loss etc.

    Creating popular niche sites can grab visitors looking for specialized information, and adding Google AdSense advertising links can be a great way to monetize the site. Aside AdSense, you can also implement affiliate marketing and even direct sale of product.

    Get Paid to Take Surveys

    Do you enjoy taking surveys? Some companies will pay people to take surveys so that they can gather valuable consumer and user data. It might not be the most interesting way to make a buck, but you can find websites like that offer cash for your opinions.

    Online Betting or Sports Betting

    sports betting is simply predicting the out come of sports matches. You have to be wise and analytical if you are going to make a killing here as it is easy to lose all your money and its also kinda easy to double your money.

    Just put your head straight and wrap it round its working and understand each team, that way you will not be losing much. Also, make sure you have a strategy.


    I actually decided to stop here, the page is becoming too long and I don’t want you get loaded with excessive information.

    The best you can do is to choose one out of the numerous ways and go through with it.

    We will go deep in each topic gradually as what we have here today is more like a brush up and appraisal, like I promised, no secrets will be kept, we will let it all out and make the world a better place.

    If you want to download this whole post as a PDF with other tools and resources attached.

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