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    Nowadays, making money in campus as a student is not easy . Due to the harsh economy, students income has declined which had made it difficult for people doing all kinds of business in campus to survive. And some students are mainly concerned with their school or college studies . Every one is looking for a way to earn scholarship but many of them doesn't succeed . It's a fact that many people cannot afford to go to college due to their financial constraints.

    As a student that is looking for a way to make money in campus, you should consider the following :

    FEASIBILITY STUDIES/BUSINESS PLAN : Before you start a business as a student , you should have a feasible plan to know whether it is possible and likely to be achieved . Your business plan will help you to know whether to continue with the business or not .Having a business plan will help you to know the structure of the business . It is always advisable for someone to have a business plan before venturing into a business.

    TO FORM PARTNERSHIP/ CO-OPERATIVE : Before you start a business as a student ,you should first of all evaluate your financial status and know whether you have the financial capacity to invest and prosper in the business or to inter into partnership with someone . Knowing this will also help you to know how much you will invest in the business.

    LOAN : Another thing you should consider as a student that wants to venture into a business in campus is to ascertain whether you need small scale loan in order to establish the business . Sometimes , due to lack of capital to establish a business, it is advisable for someone to secure a small scale loan from a bank with less interest rate so as to boost your business.

    Another thing to consider before establishing a business in campus is your academics .It is the main purpose of you being in school and as a student , you should not do anything that will draw your academic record backward . You should consider your academics as your number one priority in school even when venturing into a business.

    Having said that , below are some business tips that you can start with low capital in school;

    PERFUME PRODUCTION : Most of the students in campus spray perfume on their cloth in almost every places they are going to in school. You will discover that so many of them buy up to two or three perfumes per week while some have up to two or three in their rooms .Starting a perfume production business will always give you the needed profit you want in order to boost your financial life in school.

    SELLING OF PAST QUESTION PAPERS WITH ANSWERS : In fact , this is one of the easiest ways of making money in campus . You will discover that so many students rely on past question papers with answers in order to pass exams . And plenty of students are looking for up to date past questions and answers that will help them to know how far they have gone in reading their books .

    HELPING PEOPLE TO DO THEIR ASSIGNMENTS : This is one of the ways of making money in campus . In the university , there is what is called "copy and paste" which so many students are known for . And there is another thing that is called "source" that is , the person that solves the assignment and you will discover that the person that solves it first will sometimes collect money from people before giving it out to them and if you are smart enough , you can partner with such people there by helping them to do their assignments and you will be earning some money through it .

    There are other ways of making money in campus like selling of laptops and other accessories where you can buy at a cheaper rate and sell it to your fellow students. Selling of cloths; where you can buy cloths at cheaper rate in the market and sell it at a higher cost in campus. And if you have a small capital , you can establish a laundry service business and also employ people to manage the business.You can also establish a recharge card printing business where you partner with top dealers and you will be making income through it.

    As a student , always aim for the top and be determined in everything you are doing in life....

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