Nigerian Sentenced To Life In Prison In Tanzania

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    Moshi. A 36-year-old Nigerian has been sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

    The Moshi High Court ruled Friday that Joachim Ike was guilty of possessing and trafficking in narcotic drugs.

    He was arrested on May 11, 2013, at the Kilimanjaro International Airport with 6,969.38 grams (nearly 7kgs) of heroin with a street value of over Sh300 million.

    In his ruling, Judge Benedict Mingwa, told the court the evidence produced by the prosecution was beyond reasonable doubt.

    “The evidence produced by the prosecution, along with the testimony provided during this case clearly shows that the accused person committed the offence,” said Judge Mingwa.

    A plea by defence lawyer Philip Njau for the judge to allow Ike to serve his jail term in Nigeria was turned down.

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