Pandemonium As Notorious Ikorodu Armed Robber And Rapist “Baddo” Finally Arrested (Photo)

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    Only few have lived to tell the story after their encounter with notorious ikorodu armed robber and occultist popularly known as baddo

    All hell broke loose in the early hours today as residents raised alarm after he attacked a lady in her house

    Baddo who is known to wipe handkerchief on his victims private parts after raping and beating them met his waterloo on an odd Sunday

    Currently lying in cemetery is a 60 year old woman who was brutally raped and stabbed to death by baddo

    While many are still haunted and plaqued by their encounter with the daredevil madman, they are patiently waiting for the kabiyesi(king) to release him to the mob who can’t wait to unleash terror on him

    As we write this, he’s currently in the king’s palace, over 5 police divisions are in the king’s palace to make sure sanity is restored and his fate is not decided by jungle justice

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