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    Back pain can cause mild and severe pain, and you will also experience tingling or burning sensation in one or both of your legs. Genetics, lifting heavy objects, strained back muscle or twisting the wrong way are all causes for back pain.

    Due to the fact that conventional medications can only reduce the pain for a short period of time, people who deal with this health issue are in constant search for better solution.

    Luckily, acupuncture is the best choice when it comes to back pain, which is an ancient Chinese medical practice that helps restore health. In order to get a relief, you need to apply certain pressure, or to massage the specific pressure points on the body. Hundreds of acupuncture points are present on our body, and pressing each of them gives something unique.

    Continue reading this article in order to find out which acupuncture points will help you reduce the pain in your lower back.

    Acupuncture Points For Lower Back Pain Relief

    2 acupuncture points can help you relieve your lower back pain.
    They are B48 and GB30, as presented on the image below.
    In order to reduce hip pain, pain in the sacral area and sciatica, massage the first acupuncture point.
    Since B48 is very sensitive and inflamed in those who already suffer from back pain, make sure to massage it gently.
    When it comes to massaging GB30 acupressure point, it will help you reduce pain in lower back, hip, buttocks, sciatica, hip joint, and muscle spasms.

    What Else Can These Points Help With?

    You can also treat diarrhea and diabetes by massaging B48. On the other hand, massaging GB30 will help you alleviate leg pain and prevent hemiplegia (complete paralysis of half of the body).

    What Else to Do to Reduce Lower Back Pain?

    Besides massaging the previously mentioned acupressure points, you can also use ice packs, avoid sitting position, and moving around more in order to relieve your lower back pain.

    Moreover, you should also perform some exercises which will help you strengthen the muscles around the sore area, thus reducing and preventing lower back pain. Don’t wear high heels in order to improve your posture and your lower back condition. At last but not least, you need to maintain a healthy weight.

    Certain lifestyle changes, exercise on a regular basis and doing massage will significantly improve your condition, and the key to achieve all this is to be persistent.
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