Adsense Secret Code 5 5.0

What Adsense and the GURU don't want you to know (ALL SECRETS)!

  1. collegereap
    Let’s Talk About Why You Aren’t Making The Money Online You Should Be.
    – Google wants you to play by its rules, but doesn’t tell you what they are…
    – A few small tweaks can add or take away the 0’s from the end of your pay stubs
    – There’s a lot of misinformation out there in the Marketing world…
    – And over the years it’s only multiplied, tipping the odds of sifting the diamonds from the rough out of your favor.
    The critics were wrong. Adsense works.
    So I kept testing. I kept trying new strategies and I kept notes of everything that happened. When an idea succeeded, I extended it to all of my other ads. When it failed, I made a note, and dropped it.


    After a few months I was making $500 a day from Adsense and sometimes even $1,000.

    And I found that once the ads were optimized, I didn’t have to do another thing. As long as I continued to put up content, the ads — and the revenues — would take care of themselves.

    A lot of the people I knew, though, needed information that was easier to use. They wanted to know what Adsense was and how it worked.

    That was why the first edition (and every edition since then) was such a success. Publishers were beginning to realize that Adsense could bring their sites money. It could do everything that the Web had promised in terms of freedom, independence, enjoyment and revenues, too.

    Thousands of copies were sold at a $97 a piece. There’s a reason why there has never been a more popular book on Adsense to date with some customers doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their Adsense earnings overnight.