Science Reveals The Best Day For Women To Have Orgasms

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    As shared on Naij, scientist has reveal the best day for women to have orgasms. The following is gonna be interesting to the married men and women, so read and enjoy.

    Is there really a day when a woman can have the orgasm of her life? Is there such a thing as heat period in ladies? You would be surprised to learn the scientific data!

    The Internet creates an opportunity for mass researches. One of the fertility app used by over 47 million women collected this data. Ladies reported the time of their cycle, when they were most open to sex and the day when orgasms they had were incredible.

    We can call these special days “a heat period”, as ladies do get hot and start hunting their men down for sex. So, if you know the secret, you can use it for your mutual benefit and avoid the frustration of not having enough fun in bed.

    Surely most men wish the “heat period” would start from the first day of the cycle and never end. However, that’s not how it works. First day? No and no! The first week of the cycle? You missed it again! There are just a few days a month when the desire for sex gets as high as it can. Those days should surely be marked on your calendar.

    And they are not in those first two weeks. The first week she is getting over her period stress. The second week is a bit hotter. Still, that’s when she needs your charitable attention and kindness. If you sow, you will reap!

    The fun starts on the 13th day of the cycle. That’s your time, baby. It’s time to rock and roll. For the next three days, your woman would feel hot, all the time! So, if the song is about you “all night long, baby”, then you are her man. If you have been good and kind to her during the “low” period, she will hunt you down during the hot one.

    Three days a month? Is that it? Well, the best comes last! The 47 million app indicated that most women have the hottest day of their cycle – the day 30. That’s not just a hot day; it’s a big O day.

    That’s when your woman can have the most unforgettable experiences in bed with you. Just make sure you can perform on the level! She might have multiple orgasms or the ones that make her cry out in pleasure. Do not miss this day. From now your lady’s cycle is not just her business. If you wish to get the best sex in your life, stay tuned!

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