Featured Tips on How to fall asleep easily at night and when troubled

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    Falling asleep is not as simple as resting your head on your pillow, shutting yours eyes and ZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

    We are mostly troubled and disturbed with incompetence, discomfort, unhappiness, disappointment and some other negative response.

    The need to sleep cannot be under emphasized, because after a full day of work, the next best thing aside still being alive is getting a good and sound sleep.

    Needless to say, sleep tends to jump right out of the window especially at night and time seems to have become slower too.

    We hear everything, from the creaking bed, scratching cockroaches at the corner and even the endless beat of our heart in sync with the second’s hands of the clock. It does seem like we are suffering for some unknown crime.


    This is always my first point of action when I find it very hard to fall asleep at night. Its works on a simple principle and it is by counting the numerals.

    You heard me right, we will count to 100 and if the sleep still does not come, counting continues.

    The truth is I cannot remember ever completing the count, because I always fall asleep.


    · Close your eyes

    · Relax your mind and clear your end

    · Breathe slowly

    · COUNT to 100 and fall asleep


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