Featured Top 5 Ways To Stop Masturbation in 2017

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    Masturbation is fast becoming a sexual normality among youths and adults these days.With all the negative sidetracks of Masturbation such as
    Reduced satisfaction in normal sexual intercourse
    Can lead to delayed expulsion: a prominent risk factor
    Decreased Protein and Calcium content in the body
    Causes depression after Masturbation
    Can as well lead to erectile dysfunction.

    Among several other things, Masturbation has proved, over time, to be a modern evil bedevelling Children, Youth and adults.

    Due to the numerous negative effects and side-effects, the current pressure has been to stop masturbation. If you have been trying to stop masturbating, this post is for you;. Now let’s see how

    INVOLVE YOUR ENERGY IN SOMETHING: Do you loe writing, singimng,or something? Everyone has his or her own hubby. Find yur hubby and exert energy in it.

    PLAN A STRATEGY: Everyone has alone times: times when only you and your brain is. Fill up your calendar and free times by doing that contributes to you. Do Exercise, Sing songs, hook up with friends or what have you.

    Avoid all forms of enticements: With the current culture on Facebook and most social media networks, It is almost impossible to not see porn and stuff. Regulate and fill u te time for yourporn tv shows and bloxck porn stuffs o social media as often as you see it.

    PRAY AND PRAY AGAIN: Not everyone believes in prayer and God but if you do, Pray in anything you believe I and pray.

    YOU NEED SOMEONE: If you are old enough to marry, why don’t you? You do not need to worry yourself doing irrelevant stuff when the solution is around.

    STOP WATCHING PORN: Pornography is most likely the reson for your masturbationm, right? Thhe very first thing to do is select all your porn videos shut your eyes and click delete. Delete bookmarks sex websites and stuff.

    Do you love these tips? Share it around. High chances are that, someone masturbating around you needs it.

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