Various Ways Nigerian Girls Want To Be Toasted

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    The normal Nigerian lady has how she expects a guy to toast her. Anything outside it, makes the dating game distasteful and unappealing.

    As it is with every law; there are pros and cons.

    Guys, you need to know this as it will help decipher between 'Girl A' and 'Girl B'. Not every girl wants sex upon visiting you in a cold weather, also not every girl adores your "approach to toasting". Different strokes for different folks; heard that before? Women are way too complex for just one rule to apply to all of them.

    Let's see Various Ways Nigerian Girls Wants To Be Toasted:

    1. Just keep chasing me, even if I say NO to you, don't stop!

    Most of you ladies reading this right now can attest to the fact that this works for most girls BUT not all. Here in Nigeria, we call it 'shakara'. However, not all ladies do this just to test the love of the guy. Some actually detest such incessant and unequivocal craze.

    2. Discover what I love most and get me as a gift.

    Girls and gifts are like "lala..." and snakes, lol! To those ones, gifts turn them on. They believe a guy dearly loves them if he gave them an expensive gift on their birthday.

    3. You must toast me only if you have a car.

    So many, so many Nigerian girls in the valley of 'I need a guy on wheels'. He borrows a friend's ride, steals her heart completely, returns the ride. Her covetous spirit makes her feel cheated upon as she begins to cry, 'he broke my heart'. Abeg, who broke whose heart?

    4. If I tell you NO, just stop. I'll take time to observe you and accept later.

    Not all girls are crazy about keeping records of the number of guys chasing their behind. If such a one tells you NO and insists on it, just know she needs TIME. Give her TIME to reason your matter.

    5. Chat 'dirty' with me and you'll have my heart forever.
    They say, 'the average Nigerian girl likes to chat dirty'. If these majority of girls are so into "sexting", how difficult will it be to have a loyal girlfriend!

    6. Chat long enough until we get to the point we just know we are meant for each other.

    In other words, she wants to establish friendship with him until it gets to the point when both of them just get romantically involved until it culminates into a relationship. Many ladies like this point.

    7. She wants atleast a "third party"/mutual friend before she can accept you.

    Due to their unfair experiences in the past, most Nigerian ladies would prefer to date a bestie's bro to just any random guy. Sometimes, a positive third party can divert oncoming breakup, so they believe.

    Different strokes for different folks. One rule doesn't apply to all; thinking otherwise ends one in the same kinda delusion that thinking "hookers" are actually being real and original.

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