Why Do Christians Still Fornicate After Knowing It's A Serious Sin?

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    I know many will castigate me or hate me for this. But then it is what is happening around in so many churches. Almost all religions in the world promotes moral chastity. Even the traditional religion does.

    Christianity isn't left out. For over 10-15 years many us have been going to church, reading in the Bible that fornication and sexual immorality is a serious SIN against God. And those practicing it will not inherit His kingdom. 1 Corinthians 6: 9. Yet after reading this, Many wont stop to fornicate.

    To this extent, many Christian brothers and sisters, have form their own moral standard. They claim it wrong to sleep with one you are not dating, but as along you both are dating, there is nothing wrong if you both have sex.

    It wonders one to think if the Bible says fornication is only for those dating.
    I Corinthians 7:1-5 makes it clear sex was for only married people.
    1 Thessalonian 4:3-8 urges all Christians to flee from fornication.

    From what is happening in today churches, people no longer has issues engaging in premarital sex. They believe as long they obey other laws it more than enough. No matter how many times they read it in their Bible, it wont stop them. Their conscience doesn't trouble them.

    The hypocritical part is, they are quick to condemn prostitutes. You defile your body for free, prostitutes does it for money, who is now cheap? They condemn homosexuals and say it a serious SIN and yet they glorify fornication to an extent that people are virgins are regarded as fools. Ask yourself who really is God proud of?

    The truth is no true christian or a God-fearing person will indulge in fornication. Even if he does, he repents and never return back to it.

    There are no ways about it. You cant slave for two masters. It either you are a slave to sex or to God. And as the Bible tells us, the sins of sexual immorality leads to eternal destruction. Who fornication epp?

    Why don't we live by what we read in our Bible? It definitely mean 95% of Christians wont not inherit the Kingdom of God. God has no double standard.

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