Why You Should Join The Nigeria Police Today!

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    The Nigerian Police is a major Law enforcement agency saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the society and they have diligently done this since it was established, the major staff strength currently stands at 371,800 with major plans by the Federal Government of Nigeria to increase their staff strength.

    A lot of Nigerians have something to say about the Nigerian Police, why some Nigerians have negatives about the establishment, some also have positive things to say about it. Today i want to focus on reasons why you should get yourself enrolled into the Nigerian Police College. In as much as you might claim that NP is a corrupt organisation, it will interest you to know that it is not the most corrupt in the country, there are other establishment that are more corrupt than Np. There are great Reasons why you should get your self enrolled today.

    You have the chance to contribute your quota to the service to your father land: Many Nigerian youths out there seek avenue for them to serve this country, the NP is offering you a chance to do that with pay.

    You can be the Change the Nigeria Police Needs: Did you hear me say change? yes! now you have the chance to be a change agent. Stop complaining about what they have been doing, if you are not really happy with the attitude of some Nigeria Police officers, now is the time to apply to be an officer or forever remain silent.

    Stay employed: The news of the employment of 10,000 potential officers should serve as relive to every Job seekers out there, Now you have the chance to be gainfully employed.

    Job security: As an officer of the Nigerian Police, you are guaranteed 35 years of service without fear that you will lose your Job, you also have access to pension schemes and gratuity that will enable you leave comfortably even after retirement.

    Become a better person: With the training you will go through at the various police colleges, you will be trained on how to deal with humans and the society at large, you will also be acquitted with the laws and how to conduct yourself generally, therefore it helps you become a better person. you also have the opportunity to serve at the various investigative department like:
    i. Administration
    ii. Anti-Fraud Section
    iii. The Central Criminal Registry (CCR)
    iv. Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)
    v. X-Squad
    vi. General Investigation
    vii. Special Fraud Unit (SFU)
    viii. Legal Section
    ix. Forensic Science Laboratory
    x. interpol Liaison
    xi. Homicide
    xii. Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
    xiii. Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB)
    xiv. DCI Kaduna Annex.
    for more info on Nigeria police Log on to http://www.npf.gov.ng/

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