Confirmed soccer betting prediction tips and strategy to make money online

In our previous posts, we listed football betting as one major way you make money online especially in Nigeria. Today, we will be discussing elaborately on it.
Sports betting is simple predicting the possible outcome of sporting events and in this case, putting a bet on the result and if it comes out true, it becomes a win.
The outcome can range from who will win the match, who will score the first goal or point, how many number of fouls will there be and all.

Football is a game played by twenty two players on both sides of the pitch {eleven against eleven} and the winner is the team that scores the most goal in a match before the end of 90 minutes, which is the official time period of a football match.
It is worthy to note that in any match there are clear favorites and the underdogs, but my aim here is to draw your attention away from who will win the match to more betting sports betting techniques that will not make you lose sleep

What you need to know before engaging in football betting and soccer prediction

But before you start, you have to meet some basic requirements and be ready. You have to have the following ready to start betting on football outcome and to follow my tricks.
You do not need really much, they are outlined below:

  1. Register with a football betting site or bookmaker

I use to and I recommend you register with them, if you have a previous account, you are good to go too.

  1. Money

This will be used to fund your account and serve as initial capital, you can fund with your credit card or through an agent, and whichever is convenient for you.
You also need money to make money online and sports betting which includes soccer prediction is not left out.

  1. My football and soccer betting tips

Now this is the main reason for this article, I want you to start making money online from soccer predictions or football predictions too and I will show you how too.
Most people are of the opinion that it is better to have a team you follow but since we want to earn money easily on a daily basis, we will be using any team as our team may not have matches every day.
Before I continue, I want you to be diligent in following this strategies to the core as they will be the bedrock to which you will build your online betting success.

How To Make money online in Nigeria from sports betting and Match Prediction

How To Make money online in Nigeria from sports betting and Match Prediction


This is practically one of the major soccer betting strategy there is aside betting on which team will win the match which to me is very risky
This is the major reason of having a football match, to score goals. I noticed that in any 20 football matches 18 must have goals been scored and that is me trying to be discrete with my statistics.
Here you can bet on UNDER or OVER goals, and this depend really on the mentality of the teams playing.
Attacking minded teams tends to score more goals in a match and are favorites for OVER 1.5 goals and defensive teams are good for UNDER 2.5 goals.
You can also study more to see which works better for you in the soccer betting world.


What this express means is that, not more than 3 goals will be scored altogether in the second half.
This is really feasible and it has a success rate of up to 70% and if you can choose your league wisely, you can bump it to 100%.
The basic logic behind this soccer prediction strategy is that, over the years and in most leagues, most teams tends to score lesser number of goals in the second half instead, they may want to defend the scores they have from the first half.
And even if they score, most teams will go very defensive to prevent equalizations or conceding of more goals.
This football betting strategy will work mostly for the so called small teams and big teams altogether, my advice is for you to bet wisely.


This football betting strategy is famously referred to as BTS, this involves the two teams playing in a match to score i.e. no team ends the match without scoring a goal.
This is really possible if you can target teams that are mid table and are really interested in gathering more points.
Avoid the favorites, as they tend to be very defensive and thus, most teams tend not to score against them.


This is a betting market that most people do not engage in.
IN a football match, one of the basic occurrences are corner kick and it is very cool to know that you can bet OVER OR UNDER a specific numbers of corners.
When defensive and attacking teams play there are lesser corner kicks that when two attacking team plays.
This market is not common though, but you can get it in the major leagues like premiership, serie A, bundesliga, ligue 1 etc.


Betting on fouls is also an important betting strategy you can adopt. Here you bet on the number of yellow cards and red cards that can be conceded in a game football.
This can happen either at half time or full time.
I notices that there are always more yellow cards and red cards in the following leagues
: la liga, serie A and I will advise that you follow them and study more.
Premiership tends to have limited number of fouls and bookings in a match, sometimes, just 3 yellow cards. You can also study this extensively to see what works for you.



This is very hard to predict but if you can crack the code, you are in for a jolly good ride.
I will advise that you stay off DRAWS betting till you are well off and well-grounded in the working of online soccer predictions.


This is another major way to bet properly on football and lose no sleep.
It more like giving a team some goals ahead before the game even commences and this gives you an edge but it also comes at a much reduced odd.
If you are a very careful and fearful bettor, then this is your market.


I will stop here for today but I advise that you start to bet wisely like a business man and see it as an investment.
Over to you, what


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