Corner Kick Prediction: How To Bet On Corner Kick In Soccer

Corner kick prediction is one aspect of soccer betting that is very lucrative. Thus it is imperative to know how to select great picks and bet on corner kicks in soccer.
A typical football match has various section and this is good news to anybody who is a business like bettor.
Corner kicks mostly occur when the defending goal keeper or defenders keep the ball off the post but over the line during an attacking onslaught.
Basically, a football match is divided into two halves of 45 minutes and a lot can really happen in the combined 90 minutes.
There are various forms of corner kick prediction and betting and this article is just going to show you the basics, you can build upon it.


· Total number of corners

This Is simply the addition of the total numbers of corners awarded to both teams.
It is one of the easiest type of bet as you can guess the total number of corners awarded for both teams during and even before regular time.
The bookies usually give you options to choose from but most matches’ average at least 11 corners.

Corner Kick Prediction: How To Bet On Corner Kick In Soccer

Corner Kick Prediction: How To Bet On Corner Kick In Soccer

· Corner handicap prediction

Offers you the possibility to bet on which team you think will have the most corners taking the small handicap set by the bookies into account.
The team with a “-” in front of the handicap will be set as the clear favorite and will have to be awarded more corners than the original deficit in order for you to win the bet.

· Team with most corner kick prediction

This market to me is the easiest in corner kick prediction. You just have to choose a team with you believe will get the highest number of corner kick.
You just have to bet on the team you think will have the most corners during the match and the bookmakers offer you three types of outcome: Home Team, Away Team or Tie.
Most times, always select an attack minded teams, they are always the clear favorites.

· X-Corner kick prediction:

This market is mostly used in fixed odds or spread betting markets.
The bookmaker calculates the totals by simply multiplying the number of corners won by the home team with the ones won by the away team.
For example if CHELSEA plays against WATFORD and has 6 corners and WATFORD has 5, the total on the market would be 6 x 5 = 30 corners.

· First/Last match corner kick prediction:

Provided you know the statistics, you could bet on which team might be awarded the first or the last corner kick of the match.
There might be occasions and matches in which corners are executed in literally the last seconds of the extra time and after the kick the whistle is blown and no one will ever know what the outcome of that kick might have been.

· Odd/Even corner kick prediction:

Just as the name suggests, it’s to predict whether the number of corners during a match will be an odd or an even one; the corners awarded for both teams count towards the end result.


The bet on corners is a rather popular market especially for live betting, or when a live stream match gathers a rather large interest.
You receive a really good return of your investment and should you start betting small amounts of your bankroll on corners you could soon end up being one of the professionals and then share your knowledge with others.
Do not forget that if statistics show you that a team has little or no attacking power, the probability of them being awarded corners is really small. This is the real secret in betting on corner kicks

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