Elemax Generators Prices in Nigeria – 2018

Elemax Generators Prices in Nigeria – Electric generators are fast becoming a necessity in Nigeria. This is due to the increasing unreliability of public power supply. Most Nigerians now have to rely on electric generators to power their homes or businesses. One popular brand of domestic/low-power generator in Nigeria is the Elemax brand.

Elemax Generators are popular in homes, offices, and small businesses and are noted for their reliability. However you are not likely to find one of less than 1KVA. The power ratings range from 2.2KVA to about 7.6KVA and cost between 105,000 Naira to about 250,000 Naira. Elemax generators run on reliable Honda engines.

The popular Elemax Generators power ratings available in the Nigerian market with their average price in bracket are given below. Note that prices may vary depending on your location. However prices should not exceed 20% of what is quoted here in any part of Nigeria.

Popular Elemax Generators Power Ratings with prices

Elemax SH2900 2KVA generators (105,000 Naira – 115,000 Naira)
Elemax SH3200 2.2KVA generator (108,000 Naira – 129,000 Naira)
Elemax SH3900 2.8KVA generators (140,000 Naira – 155,000 Naira)
Elemax SH4600 3.2KVA generators (185,000 Naira – 192,000 Naira)
Elemax SH5300 3.8KVA generators (N190,000 – N225,000)
Elemax SH7600 5.6KVA generators (N275,000 – N295,000)
Elemax SH7000ATS generator with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) (N275,000 – N290,000)

For now, there are no known authorized dealers of Elemax generators in Nigeria. If you want to buy an Elemax generator, we advise you go to an electronics shop, preferably a shop that is an accredited dealer of an Electronic brand product say Samsung or LG. Buying from such a place will guaranty that you buy products of the highest quality.

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Elemax generators are very good for medium sized homes (From 2 bedroom flats) and run on Honda Engines. They can also be used in small low power businesses like business centre, salon, stores, cyber cafes, and so on.

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