How to escape the writer’s block to create blog post continuously for your website

Escaping the Writers block is one great hurdle for any writer, content creator and blogger. I remember very well that it is one of the worst feeling to have as a writer and blogger.
I happen to fall into this problem at a time and I actually went on a long writing drought, this really had a very negative effect on me and my blog but I just had to put myself together again.
When I faced the writer’s block, I actually wondered if truly I could write but reading my previous posts gave me some sort of joy but it was still not long lived because I needed to write fresh content for my reader and sincerely the search engines.
But there was good news as I was able to lift my curse and rid myself of the spell and how exactly did I do that? I will put you through now.


I will point out simple actions that I undertook to escape the writer’s block and relearn how to create better posts and articles for my blog and websites.

How to escape the writer’s block to create blog post continuously for your website

How to escape the writer’s block to create blog post continuously for your website

I really hope that you find this article very helpful and I have outlined below, 4 ways I took to escape the writer block and create even more better and compelling posts:


The very first step I took was to change my environment. I took a walk, went down to the streets and sat on the grass just to clear my head and see the world from a different perspective.
Did it work? Off course it did, as I felt more refreshed and I had a clearer mind to think deeper and have a first-hand experience of my environment.
This also help to reshape the kind of contents i churn out and i must say that i have even gotten better and happier.


This was the turning point for me to turning my fortunes around and escaping the writer’s block. I realized that it was easier to start my articles by writing a template out on paper.
Normally I do this on my computer but in all honesty, I get distracted very easily – from social media, software on my laptops and e-book, I was always disoriented because I wanted to get a lot done at once, and inability to accomplish really puts me off and as you must know no one can compose even a paragraph in that frame of mind
To turn things around, I wrote my article first on a book and added a descriptive summary, so when I go back to type on my computer, it becomes a breeze to compose the post for my blog and websites.


This was my greatest undoing, as a writer, our strength is in our ability to create writings seamlessly without boundaries. In this case, keywords were the boundaries.
What I did was to reduce my keyword incidence and write without boundary for humans alone.
I noticed that search engines also rank articles based on human interaction like sharing, liking, commenting. So in any case I was on the winning side.


This was the sweetest part, before I tend to want to write posts of more than 3000 words (for real) and it was getting harder because sometimes I was putting in irrelevant excerpts and all this was killing my morale.
All I did was to keep writing till I feel I have written enough, usually at 800 – 1000 words and I make sure I don’t add to it again.
This helped to boost my confidence again as I was not writing like I was forced to meet a target.


How I escape the writer’s block and relearned how to create more great and better articles or posts for my blog or website is really a sincere and straightforward process and I believe if you follow through, you definitely will break through the block!
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