172 Hot business ideas in Nigeria – Most Lucrative, untapped and hidden Business ideas

There are lots and tons of hot business ideas in Nigeria that you can engage in, there are even business ideas in Nigeria with low capital that you can engage in, and it does not matter how poor you may think you are.
Some of the top business in Nigeria today started off as simple investment ideas and today they are fully blown businesses controlling the market sphere of Nigeria.
Some people are very worried most times as the say capital is an hindrance to the in actualizing their business ideas in Nigeria, but the truth is most of them are not realistic, they have not carried out any research to build upon the business ideas and most are not ready to start small.
Most business ideas in Nigeria can be done with low capital and even from the comfort of your home if you cannot rent out a space in the beginning.
Considering the population of Nigeria, most business ideas tend to move very fast in terms of sales and patronizing.

172 Hot business ideas in Nigeria - Most Lucrative, untapped and hidden Business ideas

172 Hot business ideas in Nigeria – Most Lucrative, untapped and hidden Business ideas

Small scale business ideas in Nigeria with low capital: Full list of top thriving businesses in Nigeria

Most of the business ideas listed here are fully untapped and waiting for a serious minded person to engage in. They are great for any one with any amount of capital but interested in becoming a business owner.
They are very viable and you can start small scale and expand from there. The greatest joy is that location cannot be a barrier as you can start in Lagos, Abuja or even Gombe, all you need is the determination to proceed and succeed.
They are the best business ideas in Nigeria for Now, if there are more you know about, please signify:

  1. Poultry farming business
  2. Cassava planting and processing business
  3. Transportation business
  4. Importing and selling used clothes
  5. Cattle farming business
  6. Producing and selling furnitures
  7. Exportation business
  8. Beverage producction and marketing
  9. Goat farming business
  10. Bottle water business
  11. Fish farming business
  12. Haulage services
  13. Snail farming business
  14. Hotel business
  15. Plantain farming business
  16. Fast food restaurant
  17. Pig farming business
  18. Importing and selling electronics
  19. Rice farming business
  20. Private primary and secondary school
  21. Real estate investment
  22. Frozen food sales
  23. Online business
  24. Turkey farming business
  25. Used car sales
  26. Importation business
  27. Bulk SMS Services company
  28. Waste management services
  29. Animal feed production and sales
  30. Software and game development
  31. Website programming and designing company
  32. Sport viewing center
  33. Travel agency company
  34. Ice cream production
  35. Biscuit production and marketing
  36. Palm oil  plantation, production and marketing
  37. Fashion designing company
  38. Solar and invatar company
  39. Security training company
  40. Hair stylist company
  41. Online store business (like the likes of Jumia and Konga)
  42. Wine production company
  43. Party management business
  44. Laundry services
  45. Video and photography company
  46. Pharmaceutical company
  47. Trustworthy network marketing
  48. Electrical supply and services company
  49. Automobile rapairs and fleet management services
  50. Car hiring company
  51. Catering services company
  52. Computer training/ICT center service company
  53. Party rental services
  54. Mobile phones repair company
  55. Mobile phone/laptop selling company
  56. Mobile toilet company
  57. Blogging (if you know how to write)
  58. Information marketing (if you have valuable information Nigerians could pay for)
  59. Freelance writing for website owners and news sites
  60. Scool uniform making company
  61. Modern bread making and marketing company
  62. Day care services company
  63. Pet breeding company
  64. Modern block industry company
  65. Branding consultancy company (if you know a lot about branding)
  66. Management consultancy company (if you know a lot about business management)
  67. Affliate marketing business (selling other people’s products online)
  68. SEO consultancy company
  69. House paintaing company
  70. Tie making company
  71. Cooking gass supplying company
  72. Soap manufacturing (like Unilever)
  73. Quail Bird Farming
  74. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
  75. Mobile food Vending
  76. Computer Training Centre
  77. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales.
  78. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
  79. Rental Services
  80. Food Processing
  81. Cement Sales and Distribution
  82. Frozen food Sales
  83. Pure and Bottled Water Production
  84. Livestock Farming
  85. Poultry Farming
  86. Used Car Sales
  87. Social Media Marketing
  88. Blogging
  89. Freelance Writing
  90. Mini-Importation
  91. Exportation
  92. Cooking Gas Sales
  93. Recruitment Agency
  94. Uniform Making factory
  95. Ready-to-wear cloths making
  96. Haulage and Logistics
  97. Transportation
  98. Online Marketing
  99. Bulk SMS Services
  100. Daycare Centre/Crèche
  101. Small Scale Manufacturing
  102. Scrap metal sales
  103. Waste Management Services
  104. Pet Breeding
  105. Animal feed production
  106. Ethanol Production
  107. Software and games development
  108. Security gadget sales
  109. Cleaning Services
  110. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
  111. Sports Viewing Centers
  112. Sports Betting Agency
  113. Building Blocks Production.
  114. Art Gallery
  115. Ice Cream Production
  116. Jewelry making
  117. Travel agency
  118. Natural Fruit Juice Production
  119. Photography and Videography
  120. Magazine Publication
  121. Monogramming and Branding Services
  122. Weight Loss Consultancy
  123. Biscuit Production
  124. Printing and Book Production
  125. Private Library Services
  126. Hairdressing Salon
  127. Day Spa
  128. Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
  129. Selling Fruits
  130. Selling honey
  131. Affiliate marketing
  132. Personal Fitness Instructor
  133. Business broker
  134. Car Wash and Detailing Services
  135. Dating Service
  136. Make-up Artist
  137. Video game Center
  138. Pharmaceutical company
  139. Stock Photography
  140. Art brokerage
  141. Resume writing
  142. Online Vitamin/Health Food Store
  143. Virtual assistant
  144. Pest control
  145. Car Rentals
  146. Nanny agency
  147. Mail-order business
  148. Ice block production
  149. Night Clubs and Restaurants
  150. Solar energy installation and equipment sales
  151. Antique Furniture Sales
  152. Laundry Service
  153. Virtual Call Center
  154. SEO Consultant
  155. Gift Baskets
  156. Disc Jockey (DJ)
  157. Personal Shopper & Errand Service
  158. Wine Production
  159. Sports Collectible Shop
  160. Funeral Arrangement Company
  161. Oil Palm Plantation
  162. Internet Radio Station
  163. Online Clothing Store
  164. Modeling and Event Ushering
  165. Marketer/PR Agent
  166. Fashion Stylist
  167. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
  168. Facility Management Services
  169. Appliance Repair Service
  170. House Painting
  171. Alternative Power Supply
  172. Security Gadget Sales and Installations.

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