How to carryout Self-assessment prior to job application and building a career

The first step towards successfully securing your dream job is not in creating a CV or resume and making it available to every vacancy or advert, but through proper self-assessment to know what will favor you the most.
You need to understand the critical factors that determine the choices of human resources personnel in choosing their best candidate for an advertised position or job.
You need to carry-out a critical assessment of what advantages and benefits you will be offering the company that will make you stand out.
Self-assessment is very important as it will give a competitive edge and advantage as your job search will become laser targeted.
Changes in a marketplace and fierce competition among companies to recruit the very best and graduates applying for almost non-existent jobs, it is highly advisable that you are prepared for the rigors of the job market.
This warrants self-development to build up skills that will set you aside to achieve career and job success.
You need to conduct a thorough assessment of your skills, attitudes and talents as this will help you to discover some parts of you that never really understood.

Self-assessment prior to job application and building a career

Self-assessment prior to job application and building a career

How to carryout Self-assessment prior to job application and building a career

It is very valid reason to assess your best traits and mindset because it is really all you got in this life. If you are confused on how to proceed, why not follow the pointers below:


Are you goal oriented? You need to know where you want to be in 5 years’ time. While it is very true that jobs are scarce, yet not all the available jobs will be suitable for you.
Some jobs will not fit into your goals or be in line with the future that you aspire for, they may just throw you off your envisioned career path.
You need to go after jobs that will make you achieve and remain focused on your goals.


What kind of individual are you? What type of environment fits your personality?
There are some work environment that are cool to some people while they may dislike others.
Working in an environment that you love is definitely increase your job satisfaction and hence leads to career fulfillment because you love what you do and in an environment that you do it.


You cannot just jump into any kind of job, you need to find the kind that stimulates your senses, the type of job and activity that you find very enjoyable and very passionate about.
A job might be enjoyable to you and another might be burdensome to you, you need to do a job that you are very passionate about.
If you engage in a job that you are passionate about, you will realize that excelling will become very natural and easy and your performance will be exemplary and easily noticed.


Do you have special abilities, then you need to navigate to that job that will be compatible and make you shine and excel the more.
Find out what you excel in the most, what you find accomplishment in doing and decide on how this ability will differentiate you from others


Assess yourself on your basic skill set and discover what skills; Technical, managerial, professional or otherwise that you possess.
Any skill that you possess has a problem that it can solve easily, thus there is a position and organization that you will fit into seamlessly irrespective of your academic performance or grades.
Nobody and no knowledge is a total waste, there is a problem to be solved and there is a place for you in the larger society.
All you should do is to try and locate jobs that are in line with your skills and securing them will become a cake walk


You need to assess all of your personal experiences, especially those that you really enjoyed and build upon them in choosing your future career.
You have to think back, even to your childhood days. What are those activities you really enjoyed and fancied?
Those activities that you received high recommendations and accolades for, this is a likely pointer to a suitable career and a suitable area to pursue a job in.


You have to stop searching for job based on job title and labels: I am an engineer and searching for engineering job. Most fresh graduates mostly never get their first job in the same line as their course of study.
This is also important for jobs that do not have their departments in the university or higher institution, and thus it is for the general populace.
You can build a career and experience here even though it is differs from what you studied in school.
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It is really important to do a thorough self-assessment as this will be the ideal pointers to the necessary job and career you should pursue.
You need to be flexible to really survive the rigors of life.

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